Jeremy Zucker and Kiana Valenciano raged and raved at Karpos Live Mix 8



No lie: this was my first time at a gig that was more like a casual hang out for millennials and Gen Z-ers! Everyone moshed along to Jeremy Zucker’s all the kids are depressed (absolute banger of a song, by the way). It was a solid Tuesday night.

That said, it wasn’t exactly my best night either, because I’m working now. My office job is cushy, but also involves desks that are filled to bursting with hastily-scrawled strung together highlighter-yellow post-its (“9:30 am — replenish inventory”). A juxtaposition.

So, in honor of this pilit Hannah Montana-esque Best of Both Worlds romanticization of my false life dichotomies, here’s a recap of some things that I vibed with from last Tuesday’s event. 

Kiana Valenciano getting the crowd to do this cute little side-step-clap dance during her performance of Get Together

@kianavee in an orange jumpsuit, bathed in kaleidoscope lights, singing songs about longing and puppy love. Everyone jumping around and swaying to the instrumentals after she sang, “Let’s go on a long drive / take me to the seaside / somewhere only we know.” There’s even a saxophone player, and she’s super chill. Pretty solid concert-y, and IG stories stuff. Add to that the way Kiana pulled out her teal and pink Instax camera for a post-concert selfie at the end of her set. 

Jeremy Zucker’s entrance at the start of his set, hoodie and all

He also opened the set with an especially slouchy and puppy-eyed rendition of the chorus of Firefly, to the raucous delight of the crowd. For those who aren’t acquainted, its chorus goes: “Isn’t it like you / to make me forget / isn’t it like you / to fuck with my head.” I feel obligated to inform you at this point that the hoodie was oversized and unadorned, much like the audience’s feelings. There was also a vocoder mini-solo.

Middle fingers. Jeremy’s. All of ours.

Jeremy literally went, “All middle fingers in the sky, lemme see it!” in the middle of Desire. It’s quite something to watch a crowd sing, “I’ve won / and I’ve lost / but I fell / and I fucked it up,” as they flipped the bird towards (God? The Universe? The laughable inadequacy of the Paris Agreement’s carbon emission targets? ) the sky in unison. 

All in all: Karpos delivered. The show was cool, but not cold, focused on the music but not at the expense of making its audience feel like the stage was too good for their peasant eyes. The strobe lights cut through the stage fog, making for a startling wave of colours through which Jeremy and Kiana’s voices were able to cut through. They wove and dipped and ebbed with the audience hanging on to their every last word — awkward and funny and unsure and hopeful. I think again of Jeremy calling on the audience to “come thru” to small shrieks, and Kiana imploring us all to get down in her bright jumpsuit, laughing away with a saxophone in the backdrop. The show’s best moments seemed almost too generous, really.

When the show got going, I couldn’t help but sway along. 

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