Karpos Live Mix 5 made us dance all night with RAC and CRWN

Karpos Live Mix 5 made us dance all night with RAC and CRWN

It’s been five years, and Hollywood is is still a bop.

Photos by Lorenzo Tan


When I came across the news that RAC would  be headlining Karpos Live’s Mix 5, a flurry of memories from my teenage years flashed before my eyes; simpler times when the only things I’d have to worry about were deciding what to wear to the next soiree, or figuring out how to pace serving my detentions. It was then that I knew I couldn’t let this opportunity slip through my fingers, with the show being a perfect chance to take a trip down memory lane.

As I entered the ABS-CBN tent, the sound of a lazy beat and a Mac Miller-esque flow echoed through the walls. Kickstarting the night was local hip-hop and R&B duo Tomcat, serving the earlybirds with familiar laidback sounds reminiscent of the 00’s R&B era.  


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Picking up from there was local beatmaker and producer CRWN; someone I grew up listening to. Without having said a word, he brought out his guitar and started his set with the first track off his debut album, “Orchid”. On top of that, he switched-up some of his old bangers with Jess Connelly and added a refreshing twist to them, which got us singing the lyrics to the songs word-per-word. 

Boom bap: Karpos Live Mix 5 was the perfect chance to take a trip down memory lane.

The boom-bap beats, accompanied by relaxing visuals in the dimly lit tent were nothing short of an intimate, ambient experience. Just when things couldn’t get any better, we all absolutely FREAKED when CRWN welcomed August Wahh to the stage. It was my first time to see the duo perform live together, and man did they deliver. August’s vocals were God-tier, hitting each note with such finesse as they played songs from their most recent EP, “Labyrinth”. As a treat, they also performed an acoustic version of Can’t Want You, which gave us both the chills and feels we needed for the rest of the night.

Heaven sent: CRWN brought out vocalist August Wahh during his set, playing songs off of “Labyrinth”.

As CRWN made us sway, Mix 5’s headliner RAC made us dance. A lot. The hype for his return was as real as it could get. Suddenly I was back in 2014, and the rest of the night became an absolute nostalgia fest. 

“Manila, it’s good to be back after five years,” he said, and the whole audience screamed. 

The set was nothing short of electrifying, but a few of my favorite moments include hearing remixes of Two Door Cinema Club’s Something Good Can Work, and Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition, both of which teleported me back to my indie-obsession days.

RAC also played some of his more recent tracks, including This Song featuring Rostam, and The Beautiful Game featuring Sta. Lucia.  

Just a stranger: RAC capped the night off with my personal favorite, Let Go. 

Of course, the night wouldn’t have been complete without the classic 2014 RAC bangers my ears have longed to hear live. The transition from Hollywood into Cheap Sunglasses easily made its way into my top five concert moments, and will probs forever be immortalized in my head. Just when I thought I’d heard it all, RAC whipped out another gem from “Strangers”, and capped the night off with my personal favorite, Let Go. 

Mix 5 got me on my toes just as it got me bumping to the beat while my eyes were closed, and it’s only safe to say that CRWN and RAC can put on one hell of a show. More than being happy to hear the anthems of my teenage years, going to Karpos Live Mix 5 also made me realize how RAC’s songs have aged like fine wine to me, and will continue to be tiny little time capsules that make for a fun listen from time to time.

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