The launch of Sarah G’s new makeup collection was a pop music party

The launch of Sarah G’s new makeup collection was a pop music party

And Shopee’s new jingle is an interesting take on a Sexbomb classic. Here comes the LSS.

When you get invited to anything involving pop superstar Sarah G, you’d naturally expect a performance. I was fully prepared for this to be the case at the launch of Sarah’s makeup collection, Pop Studio, last May 31. When I got the invite, I’d already hyped myself up for a song or two from Sarah, and maybe a couple of performances from some of her friends.

I certainly didn’t expect to be spending my Friday night listening to some J-Pop girls aggressively singing We Will Rock You. The J-Queens carried some major Aggretsuko energy as they performed the Queen hit alongside their original song, Don’t Be Shy.

Other acts on the lineup included Marion Aunor, who sang Akala in the company of two members of the audience. Next came the 19 (!) member Team A of girl group P-Pop Generation, which actually has 45 members total. Dressed in Lisa Frank-inspired onesies, they did a cover of Blackpink’s Kill This Love before launching into a nostalgia-driven take on Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso. Physical proof that I’m baby culture is here to stay. Other notable acts included four-member girl group After5 kept the energy going with their covers of Little Mix (that Power!) we’re still dead @ the rap parts. Also present was Janine Teñoso a.k.a. the lady who sang the Sid & Aya theme song, a cover of Di Na Muli by the Itchyworms.  

By the time Sarah G herself graced the stage, the Popsters were hyped. She opened with Duyan, before breaking to explain her inspiration behind her new makeup line, Pop Studio. Also, how cute is it that the products are all based on music terminology?  

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She also surprised fans with the premiere her newest commercial for Shopee where she sang and danced to Shopee Spaghetti, a new jingle inspired by Sexbomb’s Spaghetti Pababa. Sarah even demo-ed a little bit of the dance, which features the iconic drop. I give it a week to get stuck in everyone’s heads and take over their lives. I mean, Shopi-pi-pi taught me to never underestimate the power of a catchy jingle.

The Pop Studio launch was A Show not one I expected, but entertaining just the same. It may have seemed like a lot for a makeup launch, but what’s the use of the title of Asia’s Queen of Pop if you aren’t even a little extra?  


Shop the Pop Studio makeup collection on Shopee. The Shopee 6.6 – 7.7 Lowest Price Sale will be held from June 3 to July 7. Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play and visit for more information.

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