Learn how to break the glass barrier with ‘Every Girl Can’

March is Women’s month, and in a world where women are being ridiculed for their personal choices (See: Emma Watson’s Vanity Fair cover) and being pitted against one another (no makeup is better than makeup, some arguments go) it’s about time we did something about it. Though speaking up and fighting against the patriarchy seems to be harder and harder, luckily there are women out there who vow to help. It’s not about widening the gap but closing it, and helping each other attain our best selves.

On March 18, from 9AM to 5PM, She Talks Asia will be hosting “Every Girl Can,” (EGC) a whole-day conference aimed at women (or anyone really) to learn tips and create networking possibilities with notable women, both young and old, from different industries in the country. Topics like what it means to be a modern Filipina, and whether or not millennials are empowered or entitled, will be discussed. Attendees will also be able to join the roundtable session about the “New Frontiers for Women,” with speakers like theater actress Aryn Cristobal, and journalist Cat Juan-Ledesma, The conference also intends to address, discuss, and raise awareness for gender equality and female empowerment this 2017.

Whether you’re a young creative or an aspiring entrepreneur, EGC has someone that can help you in reaching your goals. Featured speakers include TV host Bianca Gonzalez-Intal, Young STAR Fresh Produce and musician BP Valenzuela, and Young STAR columnists Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Sam Lee. #YSGirlGang member Thea de Rivera be sharing her thoughts on the industry as well.

Attendees are also encouraged to volunteer as mentors for Mano Amiga’s mentorship program. Mano Amiga is a school that provides underprivileged children access to quality education. During EGC attendees may pledge their hours in helping children, especially girls.

Every Girl Can is organized by She Talks Asia and Mano Amiga and will be held at The Blue Leaf Pavilion, Taguig. Ticket price is at P850 are available for purchase online. To learn more about the event and the speakers visit their website, or check out their Facebook page.

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