Learning spinning 101 at this DJ workshop

Learning spinning 101 at this DJ workshop

Losing yourself on the dance floor is easy. Making that happen in front of a crowd? That takes skill.

Being a DJ isn’t all about wearing robotic head gear or caking people. It all boils down to bringing the heart to the party. And everyone learned how to do just that with the art of spinning at Red Bull U. The one-day workshop was led by none other than the Red Bull 2015 3Style World Champion — DJ Byte.

The Red Bull 3Style World DJ Championships elevates spinning into a whole new competitive level. The rules are simple: DJs must play three genres in their 15 minute sets and bring heart to party. And this workshop was exactly what the 3Style finalists needed before the finals this October 19. DJ Byte, their mentor and judge, served as the one to awaken the Aoki within.

This Chilean champ kept it #humble while proving why he earned the crown. Like the rest of the crowd, he started young and hungry for music. “I start being a DJ about like 15 or 17 years ago,” he shared with the crowd. “So the first time when I saw a DJ was in my sister’s birthday party. I saw one guy using cassettes. I remember he was mixing so bad. But he would mix the music, song after another song, and for me that was magic!”

He talked about starting from the bottom, how he won second place before he got first, and of course, the technical aspects of DJ-ing. But the most important thing for him? Partying and listening to the music yourself. “You’re never going to feel what the crowd’s feeling. And when you feel that and you bring the same energy to the crowd? It’s totally different.” he explained.

Among the two finalists in attendance was Katsy Lee — the only woman in the race for the title. And like DJ Byte himself, she’s pressing her luck for her second try. “It’s my dream, so I want to take the chance because what’s there to lose?”

DJ Byte shared what he expected from the finalists. “I want to listen to real people, not people pretending to be the next big thing. I want to check the new Poppy’s you know? The people who are authentic.” All of this went down last Saturday. It was also a reminder for everyone there what following your passions can do. And sometimes you can find it by losing yourself on the dance floor.


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