How living by Co-Star helped me organize my life

How living by Co-Star helped me organize my life

I did it so you don’t have to (or maybe you should, I don’t know, ask your horoscope).

Like most people, I find astrology appealing because it explains things that I myself can’t, like spontaneous events, progressions in my life, and other people’s behaviour. In a way, I feel tethered to the universe every time I read about my signs, as if everything happening in my life was all planned out by the cosmos. There is some sense of control in not having any control at all, and because fate has set the path, all I have to do now is to follow it, making calculated steps to fulfill My Destiny. It doesn’t help that I am also extremely superstitious, to the point where I have a pair of pants I refuse to wear whenever I take exams.

As someone who takes her horoscope seriously but is too lazy to actually study the intricacies of astrology, I needed a quick and easy way to find out what the stars had planned out for me each day. After going through a rut that had me re-evaluating my life choices, I wanted someone to make the decisions for me, even if for a short while.

Co-Star is a horoscope app that uses real-time NASA data of the alignment and movement of the stars and the planets, and provides a general overview of how one’s day is going to go based on their natal chart. It’s garnered a sizable following, helped by its minimalistic design and its friend feature.

I know the different aspects of my being can’t simply be cut into six categories (Social Life, Sex & Love, Thinking & Creativity, Work, Self, and Spirituality) but what Co-Star does is it breaks it down into these groupings so it’ll be easier to look for more specific readings. Chock-full of vague text that describes what’ll happen each day (and terms like Power, Pressure, and Trouble for simpler explanations), it’s actually up to the user to interpret these for themselves. So for around a month, I would check my daily Co-Star messages and pattern my decisions and expectations after them. Here’s what happened.

(For reference, I am a Cancer Sun, a Pisces Moon, and a Capricorn Rising.)


Social Life

As someone who usually waits for other people to start talking to me first, it was surprising for me to see that my social life would be in Power for literally almost the whole month. What was more surprising, was the fact that I actually did find myself interacting with more people and having more fun around others.

Whenever I’d see that my “charisma” would be at its peak, I’d willingly take the lead in conversations and be more outgoing. I found myself laughing more, interacting more, and genuinely feeling like a normal college student with a normal social life. It was like the app was reassuring me that the risks I took in regards to putting myself out there would be successful. So far so good.


Sex & Love

This category terrified and confused the hell out of me. There would be days where it would alternate between Trouble and Power, and scared me into thinking that I would be thrown into some emotional rollercoaster of a relationship. Phew.

On days where I would have luck in love, I would go out of my way to put myself into situations with the person I like, especially with empowering messages from Co-Star telling me to “run towards the things I want.” Unsurprisingly for someone like me, nothing really happened, leading to many let downs after setting myself up for supposed success. Brief kilig moments aside, all that I was left with was mountains made from molehills and a sad sense of expectation. Whenever Sex & Love would be in Trouble, I would wonder why, and after reflecting on my pathetic excuse of a love life, I’d end up in some deep existential shit. So yeah, at the end of the day I actually was in trouble.


Thinking & Creativity, Work

These two categories were the most inconsistent. Constantly shifting between Power, Pressure, and Trouble, I would usually focus on the other, more interesting categories on the app. I always seemed to be pressured by my responsibilities no matter what the messages said anyway. One of my daily prompts read “let stress push you forward”. I mean, sure, I guess.

As I let myself associate these two with each other, I usually interpreted them the same ways. Seeing that I would have Trouble in work, I would pick up the pace when doing different tasks. In the end, I actually subverted my own expectations by getting stuff done. Knowing that I would face difficulties helped me prepare for them, and so began the endless loop of the future being prevented because I was aware of it.


Self, Spirituality

No matter what the app said, I knew that the fact that I was depending on it to lead my life was affecting my own self-perspective. So, having luck in these two categories wasn’t actually accurate. I was told that my inner world was calm at the time, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how the readings would play out in my life for the day.

There were so many disappointments from the rest of the categories that resulted in me struggling to reconcile my experiences and what I thought would happen. Did I read the stars wrong? Am I making the right decisions? My horoscope would manifest itself in the tiniest ways that, now looking back at them, were actually just me trying to force meaning into everything.

Getting a little heads-up about what the day could bring was helpful in a way, since it lessened my worry over the Great Unknown that was my life. Seeing that I could encounter some setbacks in my professional and academic life scared me into preparing for things that eventually wouldn’t happen since I was ready for them. I became more productive and more assertive, which didn’t always pay off, but was still helpful nonetheless.

I honestly expected so much more, like for things to run more smoothly or for my life to get more exciting, but my expectations ultimately set the bar that I could never reach. My actions either resulted in self-fulfilling prophecies or prevented them from happening from the get-go. I wanted to let the universe lead the way, but after a month of relying on Co-Star, I realized that I was still very much making the decisions. Maybe I was just searching for too much.

While the app is fun (and I am still a firm believer that there is at least some truth to it), you shouldn’t let it get into your head. Horoscopes are supposed to be vague, since they allow different people to identify their own situations and draw their own interpretations from them. Astrology is like a friend giving advice: no matter what is said, it all boils down to your own choice of following it or not.


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