Levi’s tailor shop lets you wear your personality on your sleeves

Levi’s tailor shop lets you wear your personality on your sleeves

We give you a few customization tips for your next trip.

Photos by Tin Sartorio


The holidays are the perfect time to be a li’l crafty. Adding personal touches to store-bought gifts is a thoughtful effort, but we all know DIY is not as easy as YouTuber LaurDIY makes it seem. So when it comes to late holiday gifting (it’s inevitable, okay?), make it worth their wait by making it super special.

Enter: the recently opened Levi’s tailor shops all over the country. The iconic apparel brand has been known for empowering people to wear their personalities on their sleeves and, by offering tailoring services, they’re letting us explore more ways to do exactly that. In fact, they’ve even opened the world’s first permanent Levi’s tailor shop in a department store in SM Makati for maximum convenience. Just bring your favorite Levi’s goodies — they accept both brand new and vintage pieces — and watch their team of professionals work their magic in a jiffy.

Here are fun suggestions on how to customize your fave pieces at the Levi’s tailor shop nearest you.

Stitch ‘n go: When it comes to late holiday gifting, make it worth the wait by adding personal touches with pins, patches and prints.

Bling it on

The Levi’s trucker jacket is a staple in everyone’s closet. Its classic cut and fit will look good with just about anything — including cute original patches (see: the face of your friendly neighborhood dog), gold studs and pins like the LGBTQ+ rainbow flag. You can even make a bigger statement by literally spelling it out with block letter patches and no one has the right to judge you for doing so.


Print on denim

Take it up a notch with custom fabric paneling. Want a print of your face on the center back panel of your trucker jacket? Weird flex, but okay. The Levi’s tailor shops don’t personalize that much, but they do have a wide selection of prints from paisley to camouflage. Ever thought of having floral print on the collar? On the front shoulder? On the arm cuff? Yup, it’s possible now. After all, a li’l sprucing up of denim with some print never hurt nobody.

Hem my way

You know what’s better than good quality denim pants? Good quality denim pants that fit you to a T. You can even hem your pants any way you want by selecting from a variety of styles — standard hem, original hem, raw hem or fray hem. It’s really all in the details. Ya feel?



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