Life’s a Beach returns to revitalize the skate scene

Life’s a Beach returns to revitalize the skate scene

The legendary skate brand is now available in Manila.

Photos by Kitkat Pajaro


The extreme sports scene is intertwined at every junction; from surfing, to BMX, to skateboarding, among others, each sport and industry finds itself bumping into another at any given point. Based in London, the cult-followed extreme lifestyle brand rocked waves during the 80s into the 90s with its iconic loud graphics, playful styles, and neon colorways. More importantly, Life’s A Beach, or L.A.B., made that connection between all the different extreme sports, way before the X-Games or other brands thought of it.

Pioneers within the scene, the brand blew up the decade with looks worn by revered skaters Bill Danforth, Jeff Phillips and young Mike Vallely. It was a welcome pop of well-curated flashes of colors, with a side of more muted looks; the constant was the in-your-face aesthetic, and bold prints like their L.A.B. Bad Boy Club spinoff brand logo. Fast forward past business splits and branching out, the brand made like the Avatar, and vanished when the scene needed them the most. 21 years later, they come back with a vengeance, bringing in OG F&F collaborators Greg Finch and Fergus Purcell fronting L.A.B.’s resurrection.

This S/S 2019, the PH is blessed with our first introduction to the Life’s A Beach, which you can cop at Hoodwink. They somehow brought their original designs into a fresh 2019 via time capsule, in both ways, sticking true to their sartorial guns while not looking out of place in any streetwear fit. Thanks to modern fashion tech, you get even crazier prints, and louder colors. Our favorites are the beach bat tie-dye open collar short sleeve shirt, and acid washed jeans with Life’s A Beach plastered all over it.

Cop Life’s a Beach merch at Hoodwink

To welcome the extreme lifestyle pioneer into our country, who else would be better to rep the brand than some passionate skaters? Enter the Threedown team, a clothing brand headed by Ken Yamaguchi which hosts a family of passionate skaters. They recently debuted their epic seven-minute skate video rocking L.A.B.’s new collection. It was easy to see that these guys love what they do, running around the city finding their spots and mastering lines.

Ken admits there was no particular concept behind the shoot with Life’s A Beach. “We tried to incorporate what we do with the brand. Kasi nung nakita namin yung brand na Life’s A Beach na surf and skate lifestyle, siyempre naging influence ‘yun sa ‘min. Pasok lang din sa ginagawa namin.”

The film was just the Threedown dudes repping the brand’s new looks, skating around the way they always do. L.A.B. came back somehow unearthing the spirit of the skater vibes of the 90s.

The boys cited, along with the electric neon and colourful grunge that the skate scene had come to be known for, other throwbacks included the baggy pants, bulky shoes, and oversized shirts. If you think about it, it seems like you could easily switch out the old school looks with the way the internet kids dress now. Makes total sense why Life’s A Beach is back with a reinvigorated power.

Life’s A Beach made that connection between all the different extreme sports, way before the X-Games or other brands thought of it.

It’s clear to see where the brands we now know as top of mind, like Diamond Supply Co., Santa Cruz, and Thrasher, rooted themselves in. Life’s A Beach paved the way for generations of skulls, bones, and long crew neck prints to thrive and eventually branch out into the streetwear scene we know today. It’s inspiring to see that over the years, skateboarding as a culture and lifestyle has stayed so true to its core, the brand, and the vibe.



Cop Life’s A Beach at the newly built Hoodwink store at Unit A Republic Glass building, Salcedo,  Makati.

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