Listen to BP Valenzuela’s ‘bbgirl’-inspired mix

It’s been two years since Young Star Fresh Produce BP Valenzuela released “The Neon Hour,” her first full-length album that had all of us bopping our heads in traffic. Since then, we’ve been eagerly hanging on to every new demo, collab, and remix that we could click on (BP’s side-project, half-lit is our go-to whenever we feel lonely).

As it turns out, the wait for more new material will soon be over this July when BP launches “crydancer,” her highly anticipated sophomore album. And as if we needed more reason to, she recently blessed (read: surprised) us with a new single and video. Featuring August Wahh and No Rome, bbgirl is the lead single off the new album, which BP says is more provocative, less cautious, and more assertive. 

The album (which features collaborations with CRWN, Nick Lazaro, and more) comes out on July 7, so in the meantime, feel free to cry while dancing to the songs in this bbgirl-inspired mix that BP made especially for Young STAR.

Tell us about bbgirl. What made you decide to make this the first single off of your new album?
It embodied a feeling that I always wanted to share but never felt in pure form ‘til then! Just the summer, nothing serious, and I had the most fun making it. Also, it was good to take people by surprise in a sense.

What do you think of all the reactions to bbgirl from your fans, friends, and family? Are there any specific reactions that stood out?
Well, I’ve always wanted to make something like this — not for anyone else but who I was when I was younger, thinking that if someone saw this earlier in their lives they wouldn’t have to be so confused about who they are or what they want. It’s an added bonus that everyone is hyped about the representation. My family has always known and my friends usually bear the brunt of my extreme gayness, they’re definitely unsurprised. Haha. It’s great that it’s receiving a lot of love, and I’m glad I waited until I was ready to tell that story.

It’s okay to cry while dancing. It’s okay to be vulnerable. It’s okay to let go.

You’ve talked a lot about how “crydancer” is turning out sonically, but how different is it from “The Neon Hour” in terms of writing?
It’s more honest, it’s more provocative, it’s less cautious, more assertive, and it’s a full spectrum of emotions.

We’re excited to listen to the album. How did you go into writing it? Were there any significant life experiences that inspired the tracks?
Of course, the past years have been both stressful and amazing, but I’d rather talk about those experiences in the album!

Is there anything you want to achieve with “crydancer”? Anything you want to bring out in everyone who listens to it?
It’s okay to cry while dancing. It’s okay to be vulnerable. It’s okay to let go. It’s okay to ride your emotions out. It’s okay to not feel anything at all, and to feel everything all at once. Making this record reminds me to be the company I want to keep.


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