This local activewear brand has the perfect outfits for all our fave TV gals

Have you wondered how some celebrities still look so hot and fit no matter what they’re going through, both in real life and in the shows they’re in? I have. Aside from slightly obsessing over Love’s Mickey Dobb’s style, I would also like to know how she keeps her body banging AF. (I mean, aside from the obvious reasons like LA’s endless super smoothie supply and celebrity trainers, she must be keeping a fitness secret to look that fine.)

We’re a long way from achieving that bod, but we can at least start with looking cute before a workout. Recently, local activewear brand Atsui gave us all an early feast by introducing their 2017 pre-holiday collection “Rivers”.

The collection represents the brand’s movement and progress showing a wide range of functional yet stylish performance and lifestyle pieces. To further prove Atsui’s commitment to quality, fashion, and affordability, the brand introduced airmove — a specially woven 4-way stretch and moisture-wicking fabric that allows each piece of clothing to move as you do.

We picked a few of our fave TV show characters to match Atsui’s different Rivers designs. Beautiful clothes for beautiful people.

Veronica Lodge from Riverdale

For a fighter like Veronica Lodge, I’d assume that she’ll be needing boxing classes to protect herself from all the danger in Riverdale. Atsui’s basics collection suits this chic lady who likes to wear black.

Ruth Wilder from GLOW

For Ruth Wilder to get her big break, she needs to learn how to take a step back to understand the bigger picture. The Sumida design will help this aggressive overachiever refocus her energy to avoid restless nights and fights with her ex-BFF.

Jane Villanueva from Jane The Virgin

If I were in charge of her show, I’d give my favorite telenovela mom a week’s worth of rest from her life just ‘cause of all that drama. Jane wouldn’t be the best at what she does if it weren’t for the people around her. The Huangpu’s symmetrical design would reinforce that balance she needs in her life.

Honorable Mention: Rafael Solano from Jane The Virgin

Even though we wish he’d always be topless while working out, we think the dreamiest baby daddy of all telenovelas, Rafael Solano should wear the Cheonggyecheon design. His character development only proves to us that you can be ~beautiful~ inside and out.

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