Look like an off-duty model in these athleisure pieces

Look like an off-duty model in these athleisure pieces

Regatta Sport is an athleisure line meant for outdoor fun and weekend relaxation.

Feeling good and looking cute are two things that used to be exclusive to each other. Tiis ganda (or gwapo) is a mantra for a reason.

Which is why us low-maintenance folk breathed sighs of relief when the athleisure trend came around. From then on, looking good didn’t mean you had to try so hard. Who would’ve thought back then that going out in sweatpants would ever be socially acceptable?

The trend doesn’t seem to be dying down any time soon, so it makes sense that even leisurewear brands like Regatta, known for their classic, easygoing style, are getting in on the comfort.

Now you’ll be able to see it on sweats and sporty shirts. With the new Regatta Sport collection, you’ll get trendy pieces made with the breathable fabric that Regatta is known for.  

The collection comes in an assortment of athleisure-inspired polos and tees, fit & flare and polo dresses, joggers and track pants, and hoodies and windbreaker jackets. And — get this — the accessories selection includes fanny packs. FANNY PACKS.

Minimal effort, maximum impact.



Regatta Sport is available online at www.regattalifestyle.com and in selected Regatta stores starting Febr. 22.

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