Mad Libs for your mad New Year’s resolutions

Mad Libs for your mad New Year’s resolutions

Because starting again sometimes just means filling the blanks.

Art by Gian Nicdao


Mad Libs are mad fun. When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, turns out they can be mad helpful, too. Depending on what you wanna be this year, we’ve put together three templates for your personal promises, in true Mad Libs fashion.

For the sake of the uninitiated, how do they work? Well, without looking at the full text below, think of words for every prompt, then fill in the resolution with your choices. No takebacks! At best you’ll churn out something sensible from your subconscious, and at worst, a real hot mess of a declaration. Either way, happiest New Year, folks: this could just be the right start to the ride ahead.

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