How to make a Virgo happy this Virgo season

One of the best things about the Virgo season — aside from the weird productivity bursts — is that a lot of our friends are celebrating their birthdays this month. That means unlimited #dranks and cake from different friend groups and sometimes, you don’t even have to pay for it. While it’s nice to get a free meal, you still need to pay it forward. It’s their birthday after all.

If you’re short on ideas on how to make a Virgo happy this month, here are some to help you out. From listening to podcasts to watering their plant babies, the key is to let them dominate your life — at least for a few weeks. Admit it, you know you’ll benefit from it somehow.


  1. Let them plan your week using their favorite paid calendar app.
  2. Try to learn about bullet journaling.
  3. Download the apps they’ve been recommending for months.
  4. Organize an out-of-town road trip and actually show up at the meeting place on time.
  5. Allow them to declutter your closet. Bonus points if you let them sign you up for a reselling website.
  6. Follow the love or career advice you’ve been asking for.
  7. Water their plant babies.
  8. Make them breakfast while listening to a The School of Greatness podcast episode.
  9. Let them lead an escape room game.
  10. Say “don’t worry, it’s perfect” whenever they’re doubtful about their output.
  11. Make them a cleaning playlist.
  12. Sit through an entire 30-minute lecture about failed plans.
  13. Treat them to their favorite meal and CLAYGO.
  14. Create a moodboard of all iconic Virgos. Start with Beyonce and Amy Winehouse. Leave out the Marcoses.
  15. Give them a nice long hug when things get overwhelming.
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