The Manila Mini Maker Faire is basically a congregation of inventors

The Manila Mini Maker Faire is basically a congregation of inventors

Designers, scientists, and engineers, all coming together.

There’s something therapeutic about actually making something. Whether it’s some DIY knick-knack, a handy invention, or some sweet composition in the kitchen, there’s always that Zen-like sense of accomplishment at the end of it sans what others think. On a large enough scale, creation can even bring out a sense of astonishment — the kind that keeps us awestruck at new astronomical marvels, scientific innovations and creative projects.

It’s also the driving force behind the Manila Mini Maker Faire (MMMF), now in its second year. From June 23-24, you can get your dose of wonder as 70 participants from all over the Philippines come to The Mind Museum to exhibit works combining science and art, showcasing how both fields can work and inform each other. Some exhibitors include REPRAP PH, a community which specializes in open-source 3D printer creation; The UP Space, a university organization which promotes the maker movement; and Musiko Imbento, a collective of craft and music makers who create and make use of handmade instruments, based on the works of artist Lirio Salvador.

The MMMF, after all, is an offshoot of a global initiative that not only highlights the ingenuity of makers around the world but also provides an avenue for them to get together and learn from each other. Aside from free entrance to the exhibits, visitors can also sign up for free and ticketed workshops for the likes of 3D design and paper engineering. A collaboration between Make magazine, The Mind Museum and 3M Philippines, the Faire is testament to how science and technology aren’t just complicated fields understood in isolation. On the contrary, they’re exciting and real, pervading the things that make our lives easier and meaningful. The MMMF then serves as an avenue to revel in these possibilities while allowing us the pleasure of discovering its secrets. Because isn’t that what wonder is made of, after all?

The Manila Mini Maker Faire is happening on June 23-24 at The Mind Museum. To register, visit

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