Meet the two new members of the MYX squad

Meet the two new members of the MYX squad

Turs Daza and Kim Cruz are your typical Sagittarians — passionate, positive, and full of promise.

Recently hailed as two of the latest additions to the all-new MYX squad, newly-inducted VJs Turs and Kim sit down with Young Star to talk curiosity, courage, and why we can’t always count on the laws of astrology.


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Turs Daza, 23, @tursdaza

Turs Daza is quick to dismiss the supposed significance of star signs — a school of thought many regard as life’s guiding principle. If you’re the type of person to read horoscope religiously, there’s a good chance that this bold statement would throw you off. Turs, however, manages to say it in a way that won’t make you question your own beliefs, and in a way that reminds you that we’re all entitled to our own opinions. He is, in many ways, a breath of fresh air – calm, collected, and bathed in quiet confidence that tells you he’s probably a good conversationalist. And you know what? He is.

In spite of his stance against astrology, Turs’ story almost sounds like the universe conspired to get him where he is today. Just a few months ago, Turs was a reserved kid who never even thought of joining the recently concluded VJ search that would later change his life. “Someone saw me in my dad’s cooking show, Casa Daza, and told me to go to the auditions. I went to accompany my sister, who later ended up leaving ‘cause she saw the wait was like four hours long,” he explains. He, too, could have walked away right then and there, but Turs refused to turn his back on a rare opportunity.

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Despite his father, Sandy Daza, being a famous Filipino chef, and his brother, Franco, being an actor-musician, Turs has never relied on his family background to get ahead in life, and he certainly doesn’t let it intimidate him either. “The pressure of them doesn’t really affect me. We all look out for each other,” he says of his family members’ success. He works hard to carve out his own path, and shares that his greatest passion is getting better at things he’s not good at. “Work hard. Work smart. Work consistently,” he adds.

Count on Turs to dream big dreams, and to take even bigger leaps of faith to see them through.

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Kim Cruz, 19, @kimcrooz

Kim is what some might call an overachiever. She is, among other things, an Information Design student, a model, a fashion blogger, a host, and now a VJ. “I like being many things at once and doing very different things as well. I feel like I’m living so many lives in a way,” she gushes. As someone who just started blogging straight out of high school for fun and for self-expression, Kim is surprised to see her Instagram following grow to almost 100k this early in the game.

Given her liberal views and unapologetic approach to social media posting, Kim is constantly exposed to negativity online. “Bashers come and go every day [and] I’ve already reached a point where I’m so used to it,” she shares. There are even people who create accounts solely for the purpose of sending hateful comments and messages her way, which Kim now looks at as something to laugh about. Her secret? That glorious block button. “It’s so easy to just block people off online… If someone gets on my nerves or goes too far, I just block. I try my best to understand as well, but some just really hate [on people] for attention.”

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 Another struggle that comes with the territory is being able to find time for all her obligations. She is currently faced with the dilemma of balancing her academic life with work, but she never lets this keep her from being and achieving more. “To be completely honest, the hardest part would probably be being a student because of the perception that I could [just] stop because I’m currently working. [But] being a student is more of a need to me,” Kim explains. She even has plans of moving to a fashion school, proving just how important it is for her to keep learning and to keep growing. “I’d like to focus on being a good host, [on] blogging, and [on] studying fashion. I’d [also] like to learn more about hosting and the industry,” says an excited Kim. As doors continue to open for this thriving teen, we can all expect to see more of her doing her thing, and doing it well.

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