Metropolis Monstrosity: Some of our favorite #ManilaEncounters tweets

Ever feel like you’re being watched? Not just by the FBI agent in your webcam but by someone something otherworldly? A little hashtag that blew up on Twitter last night, called #ManilaEncounters, affirms this feeling with chilling, sometimes humorous flash fiction about the different oddities and horrors one can find around the Metro. It’s a fun reimagining of the tales most of us have heard as children. For the writers, it’s also a fun exercise in brevity, wit, and knowledge about these stories.

From conyo kapres to talking works of art, there are some delightful gems that give the Twilight Zone treatment to our favorite folklore, urban legends, and #JustManilaThings. We compiled some of our favorite tweets for all you spooky nerds. Enjoy, and don’t look behind you.

Excuse the blood stain, my flow isn’t regularized


Not the kind of C-section we imagined

A soapy surprise

Monsters can speak in voices all-too-familiar

They say that the truth is stranger than fiction

Most of us have encountered these savage creatures of the night

Casper isn’t the only friendly ghost

An ode to our favorite walking Spongebob title backdrop

Art reflects life

We can be heroes, what if we don’t want to be?

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