How to nail that modern Christmas party look

Holiday parties are usually the best excuses for us to go all out in the dressing up department. It’s the choice between looking extra extra or saktong festive. Nothing says “I deserve a new outfit” like serving looks at your family reunion.

The Christmas weekend is finally upon us. So for this year, we’ve got a proposition for you. Are you feeling chill? Outgoing? Translate that into your outfit for the day. Authenticity is the name of the game, because hiding behind glittery blouses or well-pressed polos won’t do you good all the time.

Take some cues from these looks. 100% safe for falling asleep on your cousin’s couch, drinking with your titos, and competing in one round of Trip to Jerusalem. 

Please let me rest this season

Did someone say Christmas?

Only here for the drinks

Photos by Nash Cruz
Styled by Rod Malanao
Modeled by Beryl Tomacruz and Joaks Marchadesch
Art direction by Ina Jacobe
Sittings by Gaby Gloria
Shot on location at Commune

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