We need social media interns

We need social media interns

Post-influencers and memelords welcome.

Are you the designated barkada meme supplier? Do all your tweets get clout without you even trying? Are you the next breed of Perea Street post-influencer? Do you need an internship for school? If you’ve checked all that off, then you might have what it takes to be a YS social media intern.  

Interested applicants should email a cover letter, and a PDF of their resume and portfolio containing sample works* to [email protected] with the subject: Application for social media intern, [last name]. Make sure to include links to your personal social media accounts as well.


Deadline for applications is Feb. 9, 2019.



*Aside from the usual samples (essays, articles, art, graphics), we welcome other kinds of work as long as they showcase your wit and design prowess (yup, screenshots of your wittiest tweets and most extra Instagram stories count too!)


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