Never say “OMW” again with these new Uber x Snapchat filters

The past few months has seen the debate of whether Instagram Stories will replace Snapchat. While both have their own strengths and charm, you’ve got to admit, nothing beats the OG. Snapchat still reigns supreme when it comes to face filters and geotags. After all, they were here first.

Uber, the other app giant, collaborated with Snapchat for cute new geotags. From location geotags (fun fact: you can actually make your own) to holiday-themed ones, they always make Story-sharing fun and actually functional. With the Uber x Snapchat collab, you will never receive an indifferent “OMW” from your friends ever again.

Here are the available filters and what you can use them for:

Estimated time of arrival

Since the filter gets the information using the app, you can’t really lie about your ETA anymore. But this is good for letting your friends know that you’ll be late for your study session. Throw in a dog face filter in there to soften the blow.

Ride type

While UberX’s are more comfortable, you’ve got to admit, riding Uberpool can make for more interesting stories. Use this filter to tell your interesting Uberpool stories to your many followers. God knows we all have one.

Commute (available on 6-10 a.m. and 4-8 p.m. on weekdays)

With this heat and traffic, commuting can be no fun. Uber can make it more bearable (see: airconditioning). The commute filter is another perk that makes it more entertaining.


A filter for your work freedom? Yes, please! Layer this app with your favorite animal face filter or on top of your Friday night #dranks pics. This might also look cute with your G.G.S.S. (own it, girl!) selfies that come after.

Monday grind

And now that you’re back in the weekday grind, we can all share the misery of having to go back to the office early in the morning. Take a snap of your first coffee of the week or the pile of paperwork you have to go through. As the modern philosopher Rihanna once said, “work, work, work, work, work.” You can’t contest that.

Tap the Snap card in the Uber app to use the filters. Uber and Snapchat are available to both Apple and Android users.


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