These new base make up products from Céleteque DermoCosmetics are extra friendly on sensitive skin

Growing up, makeup was something I never really dabbled in for two reasons. One, because I found it too burdensome to add extra steps to my daily routine, and two, because I believed the very tita idea that makeup clogs your pores and ruins your skin over time.

Recent developments in the world of beauty have shown that brands know and understand concerns like mine. You’ll only have to look at the lip and cheek tints and CC cushions flooding the Asian beauty market, hyping fancy ingredients like SPF, hyaluronic acid and plant oils to show that using them will benefit your skin.

One brand that joined the area of skincare + makeup is Céleteque. Known for their DermoScience skincare products (the hydration toner is the bomb), they re-launched four popular base makeup products under the DermoCosmetics line last August.

A case for cosmetics: Makeup that doubles as skincare? Céleteque knows what every girl with sensitive skin needs.

During the launch, new brand ambassador Gretchen Ho talked about four fan favorites: the 24-Hour Photoready Matte Primer and Liquid Foundation (a long-lasting duo that minimizes the appearance of pores and visibly irons out wrinkles with consistent use over time), the Dual CC Matte Powder (for that pulbos and lip tint look), and the CC Micro-Hydrating Powder (with added SPF!).

As someone with sensitive skin, Gretchen shared that it was always a struggle to keep applying heavy layers of makeup for shoots. With Céleteque DermoCosmetics, she never had to worry about removing her makeup right away because it wouldn’t irritate her skin.

With makeup that actually doubles as skincare, I suppose it won’t be too hard to wake up just a little earlier to add a couple of steps into my routine.


Céleteque is available in Watsons and SM Beauty stores nationwide. For more information, visit

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