The new Fujifilm Instax SQ20 solves all our group selfie problems

Art by Christi Lu


Taking a group selfie with a non-digital camera takes 50 percent skill and 50 percent good luck. Unless you got proper training in the ’90s, then there’s no way of actually knowing if everyone’s in the frame. God forbid you waste 10 out of your 36 film shots with you out of frame. Fujifilm is addressing this with their new hybrid camera, the Instax SQ20. At their launch, they got the help of Andrei Suleik, the new “it” photographer and Instax SQ20’s ambassador, to run through the features and how this new camera can solve our selfie woes.

Problem: The framing is off-center
The Instax SQ20 has a cute little mirror near the lens where you can check your framing before clicking the shutter. You’ll never have to use the excuse “I’m leaving space for the Holy Spirit” ever again.


Problem: The shutter button is too far away
It’s particularly difficult reaching for the button when it’s time to take the picture. The SQ20 has two shutter buttons, one on either side of the lens. Now, we don’t have to keep on relying on our left-handed friend to take the pic.


Problem: There’s one friend who just keeps moving
You know how some people just pose in front of a camera like there’s a freaking wind machine blowing in front of their face? They move like Coco Rocha with her 10,000 poses and it’s so hard to keep up. Instax has a video function that can record your movements, which will help you select stills that are worth printing.


Problem: Too many cute choices
One of the key things about the Instax SQ20 is that you can select your photos before printing them. There’s even one function that will arrange your selected photos into a grid, ensuring that you get all your selects in one frame.


Problem: You’re not looking your best today
One of the coolest things about this camera is it has a variety of filters. Aside from the usual warm-toned, pink-toned, and cool-toned setup, there’s a color-isolation option which will turn the photo completely black and white aside from the color of your choosing. And if you’re feeling extra artistic, you can even use the multi-exposure function to overlay your selfie with some cool patterns and textures too.


The Instax SQ20 is available for P12,999 at Fujifilm authorized dealers nationwide. For more information, visit their website or follow their Instagram at @teaminstaxph.


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