A new summer collection makes beat-the-heat fashion look effortless

Summer is officially here, and with Holy Week fast approaching, it’s time to think seriously about those out-of-town outfits. As much as we want to stand out from the crowd on the beach, the last thing you want is to look like you’re trying too hard with something that’s not your style. Just because it’s uso doesn’t mean you should be jumping on bandwagons left and right.

Oxgn’s newest summer collection is all about letting your true style shine. Titled “Summer So Real,” the new collection offers open-collar shirts printed with various flora, breezy pants and shorts in a variety of colors, and a selection of sunglasses, bags, and other accessories.

It’s honestly time-consuming coming up with outfits that strike just the right balance between being trendy and staying true to yourself, so here are a couple of tips to work in these new summer threads to your existing wardrobe.


Just a little bit of print

One way to really stand out is to wear a full-on print outfit. It’s also a surefire way to look like you’re trying too hard, if that’s not how you usually dress. Pair a presko leafprint polo (or one with pineapples, perhaps) with swim shorts on the beach, or wear it over a plain crew-neck tee, walking shorts, and long socks if you’re staying in the city.


Keep it mono

Another way to keep things subdued while still keeping that impact intact is by wearing a monochrome outfit. It seems easy enough to pull off, but you’ve gotta pay close attention to the details: play around with silhouettes by pairing a cute tube top with a pair of voluminous gartered pants for maximum comfort.


Don’t be afraid of the dark

Okay, I know summer is supposed to be all about bright and happy colors, but you shouldn’t banish all your black pieces just because it’s summertime (especially if all you wear is black during the non-summer months like me). You can wear it to anchor a bright outfit (say, a black tee under a printed polo and yellow shorts) or as a palaman to a striped hat and shorts. Black is still the new black it seems, even when it’s summer.



Oxgn’s summer collection is now available on www.oxgnfashion.com, where you can get free shipping for orders of at least P1,500. Follow them on social media at @oxgnfashion.

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