Nic’s is pretty much the perfect “coffice”

Nic’s is pretty much the perfect “coffice”

Freelancers, meet your new oasis.

Photos by Neal P. Corpus


I used to believe there was no such thing as a perfect coffee shop. There could be a place where there’s unli WiFi but no sockets; a place with sockets but limited WiFi; or a place with both, but with really crap food and coffee. As a freelancer who doesn’t have a 9-to-5 job in an office, this is always a dilemma for me. Working at home isn’t really a good choice, because I know that I’ll just end up lounging in my pajamas all day (which isn’t really a bad idea on some days), so I am always on the lookout for places where I can just work and not break the bank — where the aircon is not too cold, where food is great, and of course, where there’s unli WiFi and sockets for a day-long bout of hustling.

Enter: Nic’s. A cafe slash bistro slash “coffice” that has unli (and high speed!) WiFi, sockets at almost every table, and an array of good comfort food and drinks to choose from.

Unli WiFi hunting: Nic’s has two branches located in Park Terraces, Makati and UP Town Center. Both have unli (and high speed) WiFi, multiple sockets, and a wide array of comfort food and drinks to choose from.

You enter Nic’s and you are greeted by a black-and-white New York aesthetic, and you’ll immediately think that prices might be too steep for a struggling freelancer like yourself, but don’t let the classy interiors fool you. Prices are reasonable and you get really good comfort food, and with a lot of healthy options, too!

If you’re looking to indulge in some hearty soups and pastas, check out the clam chowder (P175) that is as creamy as it is delicate. Order it with a bread bowl and it’s the perfect soothing meal when it’s cold outside. For pastas, try the salmon in tomato cream (P275) and chicken parmigiana (P325), for some much-needed fuel for the day.

Brain food: We recommend a hearty serving of Nic’s chicken parmigiana for an afternoon of cramming.
Carbo cutie: Nic’s reasonable prices are perfect for when you feel like indulging in food to cope with the stress.

And if the good food and great coffee haven’t sealed the deal for you, maybe the daily Happy Hours will. From 3 to 8 p.m., Nic’s offers their cocktail drinks for half the price. Finish your day with some well-deserved mojitos and sangrias, and all the bad vibes will surely be washed away.


You can find Nic’s in Park Terraces, Palm Drive, Makati, and in UP Town Center. Follow @nicsph for more information.


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