Niki Colet is emotionally intense in ‘Endless Summer’

Niki Colet is emotionally intense in ‘Endless Summer’

The singer-songwriter bares her soul to her audience in all six tracks of her new EP.

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What is it like to be in love? To venture into the unknown with eyes wide open, to put your heart on your sleeve, and to be vulnerable? Niki Colet’s EP, aptly entitled “Endless Summer” is an anthem for love and hope — of new beginnings and uncertainty, perfectly encapsulated in six songs that would make you feel as if you are, indeed, in an endless summer.

The singer-songwriter bares her soul to her audience in all six tracks, where narratives of restlessness and exhaustion peek through words of hope. The first track, The Sound, talks of rediscovering your purpose after a bout of unease. There is no hesitation on her part to share some deeply-seated feelings, and the easy melody and beats welcome you to the smorgasbord of feelings that is this EP.

From the hopeful first track, the mood shifts to a more sombre tone with Big City. The slow and subdued drums paired with the simple tunes make for a melancholic song, enough to resonate with all of us who have ever felt alone in the midst of a crowd. Niki sings, “I live in a big city… where all the people know your name but pretend not to see you when you are around.”


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As you course through all the songs, it becomes more and more evident that Niki’s strength lies in her songwriting. All six songs create a consistent record, both in sound and lyrics. The stories she tells may vary, from finding purpose, or uncertainty, or even having a crush, but her sound does not waver. She stays true and honest in her storytelling. In Could Be Love, she is more easygoing as she talks about love at first sight. Good Morning is more serious and detached. In Yes, she makes unrequited love sound charming with lo-fi beats.

I Wish is arguably the strongest song in the collection, garnering almost 200,000 streams on Spotify since its release earlier this year. The lyrics and melody meld well and succeed in letting us feel the kind of love that is steady and sure.

“Endless Summer” follows through on the strong single act persona that she slowly built up in the past year. Niki’s singer-songwriter roots are still evident. Only now, her music has grown to be a lot more mature. She sounds more sure, more ready, and this EP is a testament to that.

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