Nintendo just announced a Lite version of the Switch

Nintendo just announced a Lite version of the Switch

It comes in yellow, turquoise, and gray.

If you nerds didn’t know yet, Nintendo just announced that they will be releasing a more accessible offshoot of their widely-acclaimed Switch, the Switch Lite. It’s a smaller, Lite-r, version of the console, intended for handheld gameplay. The Lite is perfect for those with more on-the-go tendencies, or don’t have any friends to play tabletop Mario Kart with. 

It’s 0.61 pounds, with a 5.5-inch touch screen, a considerable reduction from the Switch’s 0.88 pounds and 6.2-inch touch screen. That makes it a little heavier than the average smartphone, but think of it this way, that’s the weight of a large burger patty. The Lite is a relatively minimalist setup. It will not come with a kickstand, Switch Dock, or Joy-Con controllers, and does not feature TV gameplay. It does, however, have a longer battery life, perfect for long road trips. The 720p resolution will also remain uncompromised. It’ll be compatible with games that work on Handheld Mode, but otherwise, a separate Joy-Con controller (separately purchased) can be hooked up for remote gameplay.

The Switch Lite will come in three main colorways, yellow, turquoise, and gray. There will also be a special Pokémon Sword and Shield version in light gray that will be made available. Yeah, that’s right. Pokémon hype is too real. It’ll retail for $199.99, fairly budget-friendly considering that the Switch is $299.99. Nintendo pegged the official release date for Sep. 20, which is the same day as Link’s Awakening’s release. Interesting…

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