You no longer need to leave Manila for a taste of Hong Kong brunch

You no longer need to leave Manila for a taste of Hong Kong brunch

Elephant Grounds serves up coffee and comfort food that’s as cozy and urban-chic as its home city.

There are a few instances in life that call for a good brunch: catching up with friends during wholesome, daytime hours; taking your out-of-town parents around; or curing a hangover (by yourself or otherwise). Whichever occasion it is, the pillars of a good-good brunch must be present: just the right amount of sunlight pouring in through the windows, refreshing drinks and rejuvenating coffee, and damn good eggs. The newly opened Elephant Grounds in BGC checks all these boxes, and has room for some cool homemade ice cream, too.

Originally from Hong Kong, Elephant Grounds is one of those Cool And Hip™ places with Asian-infused brunch dishes and third-wave coffee. But before you sound the hipster alarm, you’ll find that this is actually a great place to spend a few hours just sitting and eating in the late morning on a Sunday.

Full-service recovery meal: Aside from their famous coffee and brunch, Elephant Grounds offers warm and friendly interiors — and a homemade ice cream menu to boot.

First things first, the only sensible start to a good brunch or the road to hangover recovery: coffee. Lattes and flat whites come in at P160, and a long black costs P120. They even have bulletproof coffee (P170) if you’re rocking that keto diet. They also have a tea bar if you’re not about that coffee life (fully respect that): Masala Chai Latte, Thai Milk Tea, Yuzu Oolong Iced Tea (all P150), and Arnold Palmer Iced Tea (P120) are on offer, among others.

The Yuzu Salmon Eggs Benny comes with the perfect serving size of eggs and coffees come at around P160.

The next thing to consider, once you’ve got some liquid in your system, is what to chow down on. Are you in the mood for something light? Something rich and filling? Or just some damn good eggs? The Thai Shrimp Salad (P295) is a light, refreshing starter with mangoes for that sweet-savory balance. If you just gotta have rice, give the Tapa Donburi (P430) a try if you like your tapa on the sweeter side; if not, the Duck Krapow (P460) is the perfect savory bowl with just the right kick of spice, served with probably the fluffiest eggs your lips will touch.


Midday risers and leisure- seekers rejoice: Hong Kong’s famous coffee and brunch spot Elephant Grounds has hit BGC.


Which leads me to the last (but certainly not the least) highlight, eggs. If you’re of the belief that a proper serving size of eggs is at least two, then you’re in good hands. The Yuzu Salmon Eggs Benny (P470) comes with two poached beauties being cuddled by generous slices of lip-smacking salmon. 

The Scrambled Eggs and Bottarga Toast (P345), on the other hand, is probably the most luxurious toast-and-eggs breakfast you’ll have, with the creamiest, most luscious scrambled eggs almost overflowing on the piece of bread. It’s so velvety you might fall asleep; that’s how good it is.

After you’ve had your fill, it’s worth checking out the ice cream bar, which is pretty special on its own. They’ve got a slew of interesting and standard flavors, including EG Latte, Acai Mixed Berry, Earl Grey, Toasted Rice and more. You can get ’em by the scoop for P150, but if you’re in need of some extra comfort, get an ice cream sandwich (P165) in Red Velvet Oreo Smash, High Societea, or A$ap Rocky Road. I mean, my mouth’s already watering just listing these down for you. 


Elephant Grounds is located at the lower ground floor of One Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. For more information, visit elephantgroundsph and follow them on Instagram at @elephantgroundsph.


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