It’s not cool that you’re getting away with drugs

It’s not cool that you’re getting away with drugs

People are dying, Brenda.

What’s the point of featuring these edgy, pa-cool kids who are proud of “getting away” with the ongoing, and very deadly Drug War? Answer: to be edgy and pa-cool yourself.

Marijuana has its health benefits, ranging from treating anxiety disorders to acting as an effective pain medication for people with cancer, but at a time like this, when dead bodies are piling up to thousands, with placards saying, “Pusher ako,” and whatnot, articles that tell the stories of those who get away with it just reeks of privilege. Are you really proud of the fact that people are out there getting killed while you’re smoking weed inside your high-end condo? Proud that you get to be so blatantly unconcerned of the killings because you know that the police will never shoot a guy wearing Supreme? 

We live in a society that is prejudiced against the poor. Every day, someone in urban poor communities dies because of wrongful accusations and police brutality. The drug war has, and will always be anti-poor, and to be so insensitive as to feature people with complete disregard of this reality, is downright irresponsible journalism. Why ask them which way of consuming marijuana is easier to get away with? Why ask how they keep it lowkey? Why ask how much they smoke and how long they’ve been doing it? When you’re in a position where you can raise awareness in something as important as the drug war, to ask casual and nonchalant questions to the privileged means that you just don’t care.

It’s easy to feel safe when you can sleep so peacefully without the fear of getting shot in your sleep. When it’s easy for you to say, “You don’t have to worry if you’re responsible with it.” But get this: the drug war is happening, even if you can’t hear gunshots at night. You can smoke weed so casually inside the safety of your home, but this doesn’t mean that someone out there isn’t getting shot for doing the very same thing. The drug war is real, and you shouldn’t be proud that you’re getting away with it.


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