Old Navy Active keeps you looking good, even after a workout

The word “athleisure” is thrown around so much it barely holds any meaning. Like, yeah, dude, we get it: comfort and style, form and function. The usual. Which is why it’s so refreshing to see a brand like Old Navy just call their new line of sportswear Old Navy Active, taking it as a common sense that the threads you take to the gym should help you with your workout and look cute at the same time.

And Old Navy’s new line really does look cute and fun. Both dudes and dudettes can choose between cool-looking plains and delightful prints and graphics. Women can take their pick from High-Rise and Mid-Rise Compression Leggings, which promises mobility and a form-fitting silhouette with Built-In Sculpt technology. These bottoms can be paired with Performance Tops and Muscle Tanks, and Racerback Sports Bras that can be light, medium or high support. Guys have graphic and plain Crew-Necks and Performance Tees that are equipped with Go Dry moisture-wicking technology.

Pep in your step: Mix and match Old Navy Active with other pieces in your wardrobe for that casually athletic aesthetic.
Leg work: Old Navy Active’s compression leggings are designed not just to look good, but also allow for maximum mobility.

We got to test out the new line at Electric Studio’s Forbestown branch with Patricia Prieto as our instructor. And if you’ve been to a cycling class you know how wild it can be — high intensity cardio with very brief cool- down intervals, plus a segment of weights training, makes for a workout that will have anybody, from the first-time cyclist to the most seasoned athlete, sweating buckets. I’m more of the former, so I was expecting to be as drenched as a fish by the end of the session. The tendency as well for most people, who expect to sweat a lot when working out, is to just wear pambahay, but that just ends up making you feel more uncomfortable. You chafe more easily, and your clothes feel heavier when they’re drenched.

Wearing the Breathe ON Crew-Neck Tee, though, I didn’t encounter any of those problems. The fabric was breathable and breezy, and I came out of the session looking… reasonably fresh. That’s more than you can ask for from most clothes, and I imagine the quality of Old Navy Active will bode well for any type of workout, whether it’s boxing, crossfit, or that one gym your friend’s been bugging you to go to with them. You can actually take them up on that offer now, with clothes that’ll keep you looking good no matter how much you struggle.

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