Our recos for Manila’s latest milk tea place Brown Cafe

Our recos for Manila’s latest milk tea place Brown Cafe

Three words: collagen-infused bobas.

Milk tea is everywhere. What was once a fad, similar to how froyo  used to be, this type of drink is now a staple for your day to day. Make a drinking game out of spotting anyone who has a milk tea drink in their hand, and you wouldn’t last long. If the MRT only allowed drinks inside the cars, I’m sure it’ll be the battle of the best milk tea personified. A walk inside any mall will make you realize there’s sure to be a minimum of three milk tea places. It’s as clear as the plastic cups they’re in: milk tea is here to stay.

And just when you thought milk tea here has run out of new takes — there can only be so many versions of wintermelon, people — here comes a brand that changes the game. Right off the heels of its success in Thailand, Brown Cafe opened its doors recently to milk tea-loving Manila. They have over 30 drinks to choose from, and 10 bubbles (what they call their boba) selections with low-calorie options, including one that hasn’t been available in the Philippines until  now: collagen-infused bubbles. Yes, that collagen. Plus almost all their drinks are in the P75 P155 margin, making it the more affordable milk tea choice.

It’s always tricky to order things in new places, but per usual, we got you. The Young STAR team got to try Brown Cafe and we’re giving you the lowdown of our faves. Spoiler alert: you’re gonna want to get more than one.


Thai Tea

Of course we had to try thai tea, it’s a milk tea brand from Thailand after all, and it didn’t disappoint. It’s pretty darn close to the real thing, with the right amount of sweetness complementing the strong tea base. As with all of their drinks, you can opt to add bubbles but we highly suggest enjoying this on its own.

Nutella Shake Shake

Y’all IG Story Boomerang fans are gonna love this. Served in reusable cups, the Shake Shake line of drinks asks you to do exactly that: to shake (shake) before drinking to incorporate everything. Since we got the Nutella one, the brown sugar bubbles that came with the drink were coated in chocolate goodness. It took us less than a minute to finish, and more than a minute to debate if we should get another one.

Ube Latte

This caught our attention immediately when they handed the menu. A Philippine-exclusive, the Ube Latte tastes like an ube shake more than anything — and we’re not complaining! If you know what melted ube ice cream tastes like, that’s a good gauge of how the drink is. You might want to ask for less ice for this one, since you’ll want more space for that ube goodness in your cup. Go get collagen bubbles for this one for that added nata de coco-like texture.


Brown Cafe is located at the Ground Floor, Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, beside Shari Shari Kakigori and near Shi Lin. Check them out on Facebook and on Instagram.


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