Papa Diddi’s new travel-inspired ice cream flavors will make you wanna go on a road trip

Photos by Gian Nicdao


Save for the lactose-intolerant, who in their right mind would say no to ice cream? Blame it on childhood memories or just having a sweet tooth, this frozen treat tops almost everyone’s dessert list. But our craving for ice cream becomes even more real when it’s summer. Knowing the season’s almost synonymous with the frozen treat, Maginhawa staple Papa Diddi’s created new handcrafted, all-natural ice cream flavors inspired by that other summer staple: travel. “Summer is a big thing for our family,” shares Papa Diddi’s founder Paul Perez. “It’s time to visit new places, enjoy new experiences, and embrace the outdoors. Summer is when you get to enrich your life with new flavors. So we added seven more choices of ice cream flavors, which we hope will enrich your summer as well.” Taking cues from the sights and sounds of the usual local destinations, the handcrafted ice cream fave’s “Summer Blooms” has flavors for all kinds of travelers.


Road trip buddies

Ever noticed those flowers on the expressways? They’re front and center in two of Papa Diddi’s new flavors: White Summer Lei (sampaguita-infused white chocolate) and Honey Sunflower Seeds (toasted honey-coated sunflower seeds). They’re perfect for an affogato, a welcome caffeine kick during long car rides.


Green thumbs

Not everyone stops by the local roadside garden shop. But lucky for you, the flowers hibiscus Roselle and butterfly pea find themselves in a cool reincarnation as Roselle’s Embrace (hibiscus tea with cheddar cheese) and Blue Butterfly (butterfly-pea flower tea) ice cream flavors. Can you imagine these two on top of churros? Talk about a snack upgrade.


Health buffs

If you’re one to pack fruits for a barkada trip, then these new ice cream flavors are for you: Manguavo (mango and guava), Squash Blooms (roasted squash and cinnamon), and Roasted Strawberry with Tarragon. Pro tip: the last flavor is an exclusive for Papa Diddi’s ice cream subscription service wherein two handcrafted ice cream pints are delivered straight to your doorstep. Enjoy these as DIY ice cream sandwiches or just as is. It’s good either way.

Visit Papa Diddi’s Handcrafted Ice Cream at Maginhawa, Quezon City, Poblacion, Makati, The Community Kitchen, Bagumbayan, or in Puesto Manila, Intramuros. Papa Diddi’s is also available on Honestbee and FoodPanda. Check them out on Facebook at papadiddis or at Instagram @papadiddis.


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