PayMaya’s QR-enabled payments make getaways better than they already are

PayMaya’s QR-enabled payments make getaways better than they already are

On a related note, when was the last time you went sightseeing in Baguio?

Behind every successful trip is meticulous, logistical labor. From deciding what to wear, where to go and what to do, a journey out of town is not without its struggles. We tend to hold on to our security blankets, often in the form of our wallets, where our cash and cards are kept. So it may seem daunting to embark on a “cashless adventure” — one where you surrender your wallet and go on a four-day trip to Baguio with a little group of strangers — but that’s the premise that PayMaya presented in an effort to power Panagbenga as the Philippine’s first “cashless festival.”

For starters, PayMaya is an app that also serves as a virtual prepaid card for shopping online, paying bills, and more. You can also opt to get a physical PayMaya card that you can link to your account online. Of its many features, one highlight is the PayMaya QR which allows you to just scan the QR code of the merchant and pay using your app, all within a few seconds. With the festival rush in Baguio, its efficiency is something that managed to surprise me — the QR availability can be seen sprinkled around the city, from small merchants like a taho vendor to established enterprises like a bar.

Pay it, Panagbenga: From the Flower Float Parade to a Strawberry Farm visit, PayMaya allowed Panagbenga festival attendees to enjoy a cashless Baguio adventure.

There are a whirlwind of activities to choose from as Baguio is that city that charms everyone with its quaint beauty. Maybe it’s the weather, but the chill, cheery atmosphere was apparent within the group too, as it didn’t take long for everyone to get comfortable. Melo Villareal, a travel blogger, shares his travel adventures that emphasize the convenience of an online prepaid app. He says, “It’s nice to see these kinds of payment methods now being pushed, and dumadami na ‘yung availability ng merchants who accept it. It’s really convenient for travelers like us.”

A fun little factor is when you use the QR code, you can get up to 100 percent of your cash back, too. “I like ‘yung challenge ng cashback kasi hindi mo alam kung ano ‘yung makukuha mo. Like, will it be one percent, 10 percent, or 100 percent?” comments Mikyle Quizon, an influencer.

PayMaya also boasts a transfer feature, where you can easily send money to friends. “It’s a new way to digitalize the patak patak idea, cause if you have PayMaya you don’t have to worry about change,” adds Melo. It’s great for night outs too, as splitting the bill always becomes a chore so that mom friend of the group doesn’t have to bear the loss of a little abono.

Mostly, though, it’s the convenience of the app that pulled everyone in. Says Akiko Centeno: “I like that I can track my expenses too,” as you get to see where your money was spent, especially on an itinerary where you’re going from one cultural spot to another.

From the Flower Float Parade, Strawberry Farm visit, Burnham Park shenanigans to an abundant food crawl, Baguio is the perfect place for a cozy getaway. Its modest and rich culture will make strangers feel at home with one another and towards the city, and with the convenience of the app, the trip made everyone feel easy and connected.



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