Stay true to yourself: A Q&A with Laura Marano and Odiseas Georgiadis of ‘The Perfect Date’

Whether it’s the slow burn or enemies to lovers trope, when the great, pivotal love confession happens in a romcom, you get that same rush all over again — the kind of feeling that is infectious and punchy.

Romcoms have always served as a quick fix for a fun time. The genre used to be more whimsical and less diverse in terms of storylines, but nowadays efforts to be socially relevant are more apparent — just look at Netflix’s roster of self-aware and inclusive romcom movies.

The streaming giant recently released The Perfect Date, a story about ambitious high school student Brooks Rattigan  (played by Netflix’s romcom king, Noah Centineo) who creates an app to be the perfect stand-in date for girls to earn extra cash to get into his dream college. The idea comes to him after he first poses as the boyfriend of a self-assured, headstrong girl named Celia Lieberman (Laura Marano). When feelings get in the way, trouble ensues. The Perfect Date also stars Riverdale’s Camila Mendes as his crush Shelby and The Post’s Odiseas Georgiadis as his programmer best friend Murph.

It’s no doubt that Noah steals the show as Brooks, but the chemistry between him and his co-stars, former Disney star Laura Marano and newcomer Odiseas Georgiadis makes the movie all the more endearing. Laura plays the role effortlessly — like her character, she was determined and committed. Odiseas served as a delight, making for a good and charming sidekick.

Young STAR got to chat with Laura and Odiseas to talk about the movie, the uncertainty of being a young adult, and the importance of being yourself.


Young STAR: What was it like working on the movie? Was it anything like you expected it to be?

Laura Marano: I’m just excited to be a part of the romcom genre. I wouldn’t know what to expect — like I didn’t have any expectations, I’m just excited for the movie to be finally out.

Odiseas Georgiadis: A beautiful experience. We shot in New Orleans and I loved being there. The cast got on very well and truly, I just learned so much on this one. It was a challenge for me and I love that — it’s what causes growth!


The Perfect Date is about dreams, finding who you are, working hard, but also acknowledging your privilege. Did this role have any impact on you as an actor, or did it inform you in any way?

Odiseas: Having the opportunity to work on something you enjoy is a privilege. Doing the role taught me the importance of preparation and it made me better.

In the movie, The Perfect Date shows teenagers who haven’t quite figured it out yet. How do you think that the movie reflects that kind of in-between, limbo feeling most young people get, especially before going to college?

Laura: I think it’s something that we all can relate to. Not only human beings at any age but especially teenagers. It’s that time of your life that you’re just trying to figure out everything — and I have one of my favorite lines that Cecilia had when she was talking to her parents and how frustrated she is that everyone expects you as a teenager to have everything together — to have your whole life together, to be perfect at everything. You know, she’s like, it’s just not realistic and that’s not what I want, I just want to be who I am right now at this moment. I hope people can kinda take away and make peace with, you know?


Celia is your typical strong-headed girl, but we also see a lot of her heart and softness. Why do you think it’s important for young girls to see a character that’s not just one- dimensional?

Laura: I think it’s so important for young girls and young boys to see characters that have these different dimensions to them. One of my favorite things about Celia that I hope people hold on to and appreciate is how truly uncompromising she is at what she believes and what she wants and what she says. I want people to watch her and watch the movie and realize that at the end of the day, it’s important to be honest and authentic no matter how flawed you are because it’s the only time we really can create a long-lasting and genuine bond with people.

“Be okay with the moment and be okay with who you are in this moment. The minute that you start worrying about who you’re supposed to be is the minute you stop being who you’re meant to be.”


What do you think the movie says about our current dating culture?

Odiseas: It says a lot, I believe. People can be superficial and judge and expect to be judged on looks and material things. I love that this project reminds you to dig deeper — there is so much more to someone’s worth.


Is there any piece of advice you could give to those young ones who, like in the movie, have not figured out who they are or what they want yet?

Laura: My advice would be, be okay with the moment and be okay with who you are in this moment. The minute that you start worrying about who you’re supposed to be is the minute you stop being who you’re meant to be. So, I feel like you have to appreciate who you are and appreciate your flaws at the moment and know that you’re gonna grow, and get better, and make mistakes and everything that encompasses being a human being, and try your best to be okay with it.


Lastly, what constitutes a perfect date for you?

Odiseas: A date where she and I both feel like this can’t be real… A date that we both never want to end, when you both talk and can listen forever. Like, we don’t need to say we’ll see each other again, we just feel it. What we’re doing doesn’t matter, just that we’re doing it together, and it’s perfect for us.


You can now stream The Perfect Date on Netflix.

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