This plucky independent literary organization is launching its second folio

Photo courtesy of Ampersand

Remember those afternoons spent in a dusty classroom during club hour, sitting in a circle, workshopping each others poems and short stories? (*cue the crying scene in Lady Bird*)

Think of that but on a much larger scale, minus the censorship and strict conventions that come with a school club, and you’ll get a general picture of youth organization Ampersand.

Founded in 2014 by high schoolers who weren’t very interested in the publication offerings at their school, Ampersand now promotes over 100 artists and writers aged 13-21. What started as a neat side project among friends became a whole network of budding writers and artists from different backgrounds (fun fact: they count engineers, business students, and med students as contributors).

This Saturday, January 13, at _Gallery ASpace Makati, they’re launching their second folio, And, composed of works sourced from all over the country. And features poems, short stories, illustrations, and photos with topics that cover everything from Cinderella to Bo Sanchez.

Grab a copy of And, cop some cool pins and art prints from the art bazaar, listen to musical and spoken word performances by their members (including, a performance from singer-songwriter Coeli), and if you’re brave enough, try your hand at the open mic. We guarantee it’ll beat club hour any day.

For tickets and more information, check out the Ampersand event page here.


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