Poppin’ the cherry: Your first time in 140 characters or less

Art by Ina Jacobe

Given how complex the topic of sex and gender is in general, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that “doing the deed” can mean a lot of different things for a lot of people.

Contrary to what is portrayed in the media, the entry-point into the sexual arena often isn’t very grand and mind-blowing. Often times it’s a lot of questions and head-scratching. What goes where? What is that?? Am I doing this right??? For some, it’s all good simply because of who they do it with. For others, it’s just one of those nights. For a good majority, it’s just a lot of guesswork. Whichever it is, it’s totally fine.

We asked a couple of friends and strangers to describe their first time to us in 140 characters or less. Yes, as if you were to tweet it as soon as you jumped outta bed (or well, wherever it happened).

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