Presenting an app and running shoe designed for those who hate cardio

Presenting an app and running shoe designed for those who hate cardio

Look, running sucks. But this app and running shoe make it suck less.

Like any regular person, my hate for cardio exercises came from a series of unfortunate experiences. Think: dangerously spiking your heart rates and overdoing your exercise to the point of fatigue. God forbid you develop a bunion because you’re running with your casual shoes. It wasn’t until college that I had proper training in skills like pacing, breathing and pre-running stretching. I’d always thought having a young and petite body was all the advantage I’d ever need, but joke’s on me, ’cause my middle-aged PE teacher could outrun me even after teaching his third running class for the day. I haven’t set foot on a track since completing my involuntary 10 km run (aka my final PE exam). Within those four months, I learned how to run properly, yes. But I never loved it enough to incorporate it to my everyday lifestyle. Sounds familiar?

I recently attended the Recode Running Festival — hosted by Adidas and Adidas Runners Manila last March 16 — and tbh, it was pretty eye-opening. The event brought together three important elements: the new Adidas Ultraboost 19, the District app and the amazing community of Adidas Runners. The experience taught us a lot about the magic (read: research and collaboration) behind the UB19, fun facts about our city and how running has evolved into a social activity.


Adidas Ultraboost 19

Said to be the most responsive running shoe to date, the UB19 was created in a collaboration of Adidas designers, genius product developers and thousands of passionate runners from around the world. Based on their insights, what we have now is the bones of the OG ultra boost but with 20 percent more boost yet nine times lighter. It doesn’t hurt that it looks sleek, too.


District app

I know what you’re thinking: how many running apps should one have? It really depends on what kind of challenge you’re more interested in. If you’re mostly a city person like me, then the augmented reality experience via the District app might just be for you. You pick a particular track based on the country and city you’re in and the app shows you nearby checkpoints that you have to run to in order to acquire points. Did I mention you only get points if you successfully accomplish the assigned challenges?


Recode Running Festival x Adidas Runners Manila

To celebrate the launch of UB19 and to introduce the District app, running enthusiasts from all over the metro were invited to join the Recode Running Festival. Runners were challenged to explore Bonifacio Global City and complete as many tasks and checkpoints as they could in an hour. More than just being a competitive sport, running has become a social sport so it was fun being around members of the Adidas Runners Manila. With a live leaderboard accessible on the app and bragging rights plus multiple prizes at stake, some runners were hella competitive. But then there were people like me who enjoyed the non-extreme challenges so much that we didn’t even notice that we’d been occasionally running-but-mostly-walking around BGC for an hour. My favorite part was answering quiz questions about the many murals painted in BGC.

While I’ve discovered why UB19 is the perfect running shoe, I’ve also concluded it’s the perfect companion for all kinds of cardio-filled adventures. Don’t get me wrong — I’m still not that person who’s go. After being educated on the different and fun ways I can improve cardiovascular health, I think I hate cardio exercises a little less now. After all, it starts with a little step in the right direction, amirite?


The Ultraboost 19 retails for P9,300 and is available in store and online at Follow #ULTRABOOST and @adidasrunning on Instagram and join the Adidas Runners Manila Facebook group for more updates.

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