Rain or shine: Here’s what happened at the #SMLAllNight celebration of International Beer Day

Rain or shine: Here’s what happened at the #SMLAllNight celebration of International Beer Day

Even the downpour didn’t stop San Mig Light from having a spectacular night.

Just when I thought that Eastwood Citywalk couldn’t be more interesting, San Mig Light proved me wrong. I’ve always known it as the place where my friends get their first: first drink with the fam, first forbidden frappe (okay, maybe that’s just me) and first official night out with friends. The place holds many stories and memories and the #SMLAllNight installment last Aug. 2 brought these memories back to life.

Let it pour: Despite the heavy rain, people turned up at the #SMLAllNight in Eastwood Citywalk.

#SMLAllNight is a series of surprise pop-up events held at key cities in the metro. We’ve been to the one in Uptown Mall and it was hella Homecoming with the marching band, light show and performances. This one is no different. If anything, it was even more dramatic with the pouring rain and with a bigger celebration in line with International Beer Day. *cue bokeh shots* Kiana Valenciano sang some smooth tunes, Marxx and Alwyn collaborated on an electrifying set and even dropped a classic Fall Out Boy remix along the way, and DJ Kouta Kutsuma kept the party going until the wee hours of the morning because, why not?

Up all night: Kylie Verzosa dropped by to join the fun while Kiana Valenciano sang the night away

To make it even sweeter, queen bee Kylie Verzosa even dropped by to say hi to some people on their night out. A San Mig Light bar tour is already appealing in itself, but add a beauty queen to the mix and some ice cold beer, then you’re in for a guaranteed good time and an unbelievable story worth telling in your next night out. The rain didn’t stop the performances and it definitely didn’t stop the celebration and conversations happening around San Mig Light. 

Beer buddy: Kylie Verzosa celebrated International Beer Day with the crowd during her bar tour.

Watch out for more #SMLAllNight pop-events and have an even better weekend with your friends talking over San Mig Light. For updates, check out @sanmiglight on Instagram


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