We’re really out here kicking summer off with a horror-themed prom gig

We’re really out here kicking summer off with a horror-themed prom gig

The line between scary and romantic has always been pretty thin anyway.

The theme is: prom, but make it spooky. We know it’s a little weird, and the first question in your head might be why. But if we’re talking about a horror-themed summer gig bound to be cooler than the lame function your school is planning, our response is: why not?

Caravana as a prod has been killing it with they’re shows, and they’re about to do it again in partnership with Prom? with They’re All Gonna Laugh At You, set to take place at the Katipunan belt’s favorite indie kid watering hole Mows, on March 21.

The lineup looks pretty eclectic. We’re excited to see Mellow Fellow, Ilang Ylang Ylang?, Andy Chlau, Grandi Oso, and Half-Lit, but we’re especially stoked to see a set from rare Pokemon half-lit, the side project of BP Valenzuela. They’ve also got DJ sets by Celeste Lapida & Alonzo Juan, and Unisonchan so you’re sure to have enough reason to get it down on the dance floor.

You don’t need to bring a costume (it’s not exactly a Halloween gig, after all), but if we’re going for seasonal dissonance here, then some Nightmare Before Christmas digs might fit. Ditch your regular prom after you stuff yourself with your school’s free food. Then make a beeline for this show, while still wearing your gown and/or tux.



You can RSVP for They’re All Gonna Laugh At You here.


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