How to register for next year’s elections

Art by Sam Bumanlag


Every year, another generation of kids gets older (obviously). And with the Philippine senatorial elections coming up this May 2019, it’ll be time for our generation to get out and vote.

This time around, we’ll be voting for 12 senators who, if elected or re-elected, will serve the country until 2025, which is an extremely long time in which anything can happen. These politicians can Heal the World, Michael Jackson style, or even set it ablaze and drag the country down into literal hell. Well, that may be a little overkill, but who can truly know what will happen in that span of time?

That, kids, is why it’s extremely important to cast your vote and do your part to get good (or at least decent) senators in those seats. Like a leader’s views and advocacies? Vote for them! Hate another’s plans and proposed projects? Don’t vote for them (and tell others why they need to do the same).

Before you can do so however, you’ll need to be a registered voter. No worries though, because we gotchu. Here’s a step-by-step guide for registering to vote.

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