The Rest Is Noise ended the year with a bang

Photos by Kenneth Aballa

Year-end celebrations are often accompanied by raucous noise. I don’t know about you though, but I’d rather end my year with music. What better way to do that than with an 11-hour gig?

The Rest Is Noise Year-End assembled a mammoth lineup to shake off the bad juju of 2017, curating some of the best acts in the OPM scene. Up-and-coming soloists brushed shoulders with well-established fixtures, resulting in a brilliantly eclectic concert that made everything outside the venue sound, indeed, like noise.

Kicking off the lineup was IV of Spades, looking like children of the sixties as they played their infectious pop-rock anthems to an excited crowd. Skymarines performed some of her ambient electronic pieces, while Aia de Leon lit up the room with her sweet voice and strong presence. Cheats came next, sending the audience into a frenzy. “This next one’s for my pregnant wife,” said frontman Jim Baccaro, smiling at vocalist Saab Magalona. “And this one wasn’t an accident!” he shrieked, segueing into fan fave Accidents. NINNO took the stage by storm. She’s Only Sixteen, Rusty Machines, CRWN, BP Valenzuela, Flying Ipis, Moonwlk and Autotelic followed, bringing the house down.

Hey Barbara: IV of Spades kicked off the lineup, followed by other acts including Cheats and She’s Only Sixteen.

However, no set held a candle to the one performed by Joey Ayala at Ang Bagong Lumad and Dong Abay. Opening to avid cheers with classic hit Karaniwang Tao, the group proved that a good sector of the current generation remains very much in touch with their musical heritage. “Cheers tayo sa tagumpay ng demonyo!” Abay joked as he downed a beverage care of sponsor Jack Daniels. “Mabuhay ang foreign music!” he said cheekily to peals of laughter.

Even if you ask me: BP Valenzuela, Flying Ipis and Autotelic brought the house down.

Held at Century City Mall, the day-long gig saw a gathering of the coolest-looking individuals in the metro. Raffles were held between sets, with some lucky ticket holders going home with merch. Musicians were cool and casual, comfortably conversing with the audience from the stage. Varying degrees of shade were thrown towards Jensen & the Flips (my personal favorite: Dong Abay’s saucy “Don’t ever touch me coz I’ll never touch you”). In the end though, their felt absence did little to rain on the parade.

With a stellar roster, solid production, and a fun crowd, one wishes The Rest is Noise team more kickass years to come.

For more information on The Rest Is Noise, head on over to their official Facebook page.

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