‘Rift’ by Fools and Foes is all about letting people in

Photo by Joshua Elefan


“A break in friendly relations” is how the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word “rift.” This, accompanied by the burnout that one feels when relationships get tedious, and the idea that no man is an island, is how Fools and Foes came up with their latest single ‘Rift’.

The somber and subdued feel of the song encapsulates that feeling of wanting to be alone in times of turmoil. It’s a narrative that feels all too familiar: we’re often too hard on ourselves when we make mistakes, and we end up shutting people out. But ultimately, there is an epiphany. The repeating “You need me” line tells us that we need not to isolate ourselves. At the end of the day, we all need each other.

Composed of Isabelle Romualdez (vocals and bass), Miguel Querubin (guitar and vocals), Ralph Gonzalez (guitar), and Gabba Santiago (drums), Fools and Foes has been making music since 2014. Three years after releasing their first EP, “Underneath the Roots,” they are finally releasing a full-length album, inspired by the “pain and difficulties that we’ve encountered over the years and just learning how to deal with it along the way.” Now, their sound is more unique, more Fools and Foes. “I think we’re more open to just finding our own sound instead of being “too inspired” by artists we like or sticking to a style we should sound like,” says vocalist Isabelle Romualdez.

Their much-awaited album is set to be released on June 1, with 11 new songs, including +63, Nocturnal, Sheriff, and Just You, which were released a few weeks ago.

Listen to ‘Rift’ here:

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