Rockwell residents, meet your new coffice

Rockwell residents, meet your new coffice

The new Acceler8 space is finally open for business.

Ladies and gents, we’ve been to the new Acceler8 co-working space, in all its furnished glory, and it’s beautiful.

We got to see the space when we attended their official launch, which was filled with food and drinks, and talks and seminars for aspiring entrepreneurs, from those making strides in their respective industries and fields. Content creator Serica Rojas taught us about storytelling and the possibilities of working with a platform like Instagram. Huskee Digital CEO Miggy Azurin taught us about digital advertising and properly utilizing Google. Amor Maclang shared with us the tips, tricks and techniques behind good PR.

One highlight of the event though was when Acceler8 brought four CEOs to the front at once for a panel discussion: Judah Hirsch of Salarium, Paul Rivera of Kalibrr, and Albert Goh of UnionSPACE, with the discussion facilitated and led by Christopher Star of SnippetMedia. If you weren’t around to see this rare meeting of the minds, these businessmen offered insights on the local and global market, and what it means to be successful in the Philippines. The short of it? Persevere, attitude trumps talent any day, and… traffic sucks. I mean, we knew that already, but it was nice to hear it from business leaders.

This was a great chance for us to check the space out, and unlike a lot of Tinder and Bumble profiles you might be furiously swiping through this Valentine’s season, the pictures don’t lie. The furniture is comfy, the interiors are classy, and the charging stations are abundant. The new space makes me almost excited to bust my brains over a deadline if it means working in relative comfort, surrounded by cool people.



The new Acceler8 space is located in the 5th floor of Phinma Plaza, 39 Plaza Drive, Makati.


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