Samsung’s new Galaxy Wearables can tell you exactly how intense your workout was

Samsung’s new Galaxy Wearables can tell you exactly how intense your workout was

Introducing a new stylish data tracker for the next aspiring Ninja Warrior.

Have you ever seen an episode of American Ninja Warrior a n d thought, “I can totally do that!” Yeah, me neither. I know the athletes on the show make it look so easy, but I just know, the moment I even try, I’m probably going to drop like a fly. Despite this, I also know that going through an obstacle course is also a pretty good workout, even if it means sweating bullets of fear.

We got to put this to the test at the launch of the latest lineup of Samsung’s Galaxy Wearables, held at Pretty Huge Obstacles in SM Aura Premier. This year’s lineup includes the Galaxy Buds, a wireless set of earphones; the Galaxy Watch Active, a smartwatch that has a slew of health and fitness trackers; and the Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit E, the newest fitness trackers.

Before going through the obstacle course, I was geared up with the Galaxy Watch Active and the Galaxy Buds. I’m usually not a fan of in-ear buds, but the Galaxy Buds were fairly comfortable from the moment I put them on up until the end of the course — plus, they didn’t fall out even once, so you know you won’t just lose them by accident. The Galaxy Watch Active was also comfortable to wear: it’s very lightweight and has a rubber strap by default, so you won’t have to worry about messing up the band. This also makes it easy to rinse after a sweaty workout.

As I stepped up to the plate to begin the obstacle course, I selected the workout mode on the Galaxy Watch Active (you can choose from over 40 workouts, but it can also auto-detect!), waited for the three-second countdown, and I was off. The first obstacle was the monkey bars, which seems easy if you were all up in the jungle gym as a kid — up until your grip starts slipping and your momentum gets all wonky. After that it was a barrier that I had to climb over and roll under, promptly followed by a six-foot wall that I had to scale up and go over the other side. It was not a walk in the park, let me tell you.

Everything else in the course is somewhat manageable, up until you get to the second-to-the-last course, which is similar to the monkey bars, except that instead of hanging on to bars, you go from one hanging ring to the next. I did not complete this part of the course (barely anyone did; it’s that hard), but I took the opportunity to check out how my heart rate was doing, before going to the final obstacle, which was one of those half-pipe-looking things where you run up and get on the platform. By the time I got there, I took a peek at the watch again and it showed me just how fast my heart was beating out of my chest. I was wheezing. It also told me that I had burned around 15 calories in under two minutes, which is not bad at all. Still can’t go on American Ninja Warrior yet, though.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active retails for P11,990 while the Galaxy Buds go for P6,990. The Galaxy Fit and Fit E will be available in the country soon and will retail for P4,990 and P1,990, respectively. For more information, visit

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