Satchmi opens a new vinyl haven at UP Town Center

Satchmi opens a new vinyl haven at UP Town Center

Girls and boys, put your records on.

Satchmi has come to be associated with good music and good taste. The brand acted as a gateway for music lovers to discover the experience of shopping for and listening to vinyl records, plus the store makes for a great place to unwind with a good cup of coffee.

Point: Satchmi is great at what it does, and this is easy to see in its new store. Located in the second floor of UP Town Center’s cinema building, the new digs have what you’d expect from such a distinct space: such as a wide selection of records, a comfy lounge, and a Listening Room for when you wanna get intimate with a record of your choice.

Records and coffee? Yes please
Click play: Satchmi UPTC’s Listening Room is #deskgoals

Aside from the music, their food is already a good reason to visit. JJ Yulo — Satchmi’s culinary consultant — recommends the soups and the Seafood Roll. We personally recommend the Dirty Fries, which is basically huevos rancheros in fries form. Satchmi’s coffee game is on lock as usual, so take home a bottle of their cold brew for the all-nighters you’ll spend with your new records.

#YSPicks: order ’em ‘Dirty Fries.’ It’s a mix of egg, chorizo and potatoes.

It’s easy to tell from these changes that Satchmi knows the community it has helped build and aims to show it as much love as it can. Set aside a day to check out the new store. Bring your friends, your fam, your lover — there’s room for them, too.

Satchmi is located at 2/F UP Town Center cinema building. For more information, check out their Facebook page.

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