Saved You A Google: #WeWantGrabUber, Trump Jr. & Russia, Cinemalaya, Duterte on Miss Universe

There’s no way to skirt around the fact that the past few weeks have been pretty crazy given developments in the political scene, both locally and internationally. Since we know it can be a pain (and a source of bad juju) to keep up on all fronts 24/7, we’re here to get you covered on WTF’s been up around us as of late.

LTFRB v. Grab & Uber

As of June 19, all three parties have clarified that both Uber and Grab’s services will not be suspended come this July 26; LTFRB’s chairman, Martin Delgra III, stressed that the government only aims to more strictly regulate transport network vehicle services. This follows the ongoing issues stemming from LTFRB’s prohibition of giving out provisional authority permits to both companies.

Both transport network companies have issued public statements regarding their compliance with the government’s initiative. Senators Grace Poe and JV Ejercito, leaders of the Senate’s public service committee have met with representatives from LTFRB, Grab and Uber in order to further discourse on the issue.

Don Jr.’s Russia tweets

Both conservative and liberal Twitter went into a violent frenzy when Donald Trump Jr. admitted, and fully disclosed his exchanges with Rob Goldstone. This tweet revealed how the British music publicist set up Don Jr.’s meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya and other vital team Trump members during the POTUS’ 2016 campaign period.

Though the meeting was held with the pretense that the Russians would disclose harmful information on Clinton, Trump Jr. insisted that nothing substantial came up. Donald Trump Sr. was quick to defend his son, tweeting that “Most politicians would have gone to a meeting like the one Don Jr. attended in order to get info on an opponent. That’s politics!”

Cinemalaya 2017

Last July 13, Cinemalaya 2017 released the official selection for this year’s iteration of the independent film festival. Amidst the recent frustration in MMFF’s decision to revert to its traditional emphasis on commercial success, this year’s indie fest serves as a haven for defenders of the less mainstream film scene. This year’s showings will run from August 4 to 13 in the Cultural Center of the Philippines and Ayala Cinemas.

Now on its 13th run, Cinemalaya’s top ten full-length finalists features some notable entries such as: Ang Guro Kong Di Marunong Magbasa, which has actor turned QC’s 5th district representative Hon. Alfred Vargas star, alongside Heneral Luna star Mon Cualoping in a film about an illiterate farmer who fakes as a teacher, hoping to prevent his barrio from converting children into liberty fighters. Fliptop rappers Loonie and Abra, who play a veteran poet and upcoming rap artist respectively, headline Alberto Monteras II’s Respeto.

President Duterte on Miss Universe

Our president’s quite reputable for his prolific hot takes on everything from politics to Hollywood actors to partying. His latest quotable quote, to be euphemistic, involves supposedly congratulating whoever decides to rape a Miss Universe candidate “for having the balls to rape somebody when you know you are going to die.”

No one is surprised anymore at Rodrigo Duterte’s umpteenth jest towards rape it’s a recurring habit that’s caused major criticism many times before. For context, our president prefaced this supposed joke by expressing his distaste towards children being raped. The humor is still nowhere to be found, given the joke being hinged on the notion that sexual assault towards one party is naturally less heinous than towards another.

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