Saving summer: a sartorial guide on what to wear and do

Saving summer: a sartorial guide on what to wear and do

The key to keeping it cool this summer? A ‘fit of vibrant prints and soothing hues in lightweight fabrics.

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There’s no denying that summer is here, and so is the unbearable heat that comes with it. Did you know that so far, the hottest day of this year in the Philippines was recorded at 49.6 degrees Celsius? We wish we were kidding. But hey, that shouldn’t stop us from enjoying our favorite season. The sun’s out and you should be, too. It doesn’t take more than a few upgrades to combat the heat and look cute while doing so. Here’s a quick guide on what to do and what to wear — featuring Regatta’s summer 2019 collection.

Prints all you can

Lessen your carbon footprint by ditching the car and taking a walk or riding a bike instead. Put on a cute sundress with watercolor print for maximum comfort and visibility on the road. Add a bucket hat (and sunblock because irreversible sun damage) and you’re good to go. Just think about it this way: running errands in this heat won’t be such a burden compared to the effects of climate change in the near future if we don’t change our current habits.

Cooling down

Step away from the aircon. Spend your siesta time outdoors (under the shade, of course) with a good book, your best friends, a refreshing drink, and a cozy lounge chair for, well, lounging. Wearing breezy tops and chino shorts are key, but so is putting on clothes in soothing shades of lemon yellow, mint green and pastel orchid pink. Trust us on this.

Dipping season

The season won’t be complete without having a solid beach trip or two and there’s no need to look further than Regatta’s newest swimwear line for the perfect suit for you. They have everything from seersucker stripes to red ribbed swimsuits. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, go on a surf trip and pack a rash guard that fits your style. Are you a long sleeves kinda dude or a halter zip-neck kinda gal? There are so many water activities you can try this summer and it all starts with finding a suit you feel confident in.

Bonus: All bottled up

While we want to be out and about the entire season, these plans and trips don’t come for free. (Surprise!) Regatta’s trio of body sprays and his & hers eau de toilette scents are pretty much all the good summer vibes all bottled up. A quick spray can brings back memories of those fresh mornings by the beach.



The full Regatta Summer 2019 Collection is now available in stores nationwide and online at


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