Say hello to Gen Z yellow

Photos by Ina Jacobe

Now that millennials are about to head to their *cough* adulting stage (it’s been a long time coming), it’s time to put the spotlight on Gen Z, a.k.a. those who were born after the year 1996.

Man Repeller dubbed yellow as this generation’s millennial pink. From countless sundresses to the signature yellow specs, they’re bringing a whole lot of sunshine in this otherwise gloomy world. And we’re definitely here for it.

Socks (P160), tote bag (P225), and shorts (P499) from Forever 21; shirt (P599) from H&M
Shirt (P590) and shorts (P1,490) both from Forever 21 Men; pocketable parka (P1,490) from Uniqlo
Shirt (P590), jeans (P990), and scarf (P290), all from Uniqlo; shoes (P735) from Forever 21
Jacket (P1,425) and pants (P1,425) both from Forever 21 Men; shirt (P590) from Uniqlo

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