A list of all the 2019 senate candidates

A list of all the 2019 senate candidates

From Binay to Villar, get to know the names running for this year’s senate elections.

The senate elections of 2019 is upon us, in case you haven’t heard. You probably have though, considering the last minute, full force campaigning various candidates are rolling out to climb up the survey polls. But in case you haven’t caught wind of all the political hullabaloo, let’s get you up to speed.

We vote May 13. Lock the date if you’re registered. Do it now. May 13. That’s a Monday. No work. May 13. Para sa bayan.

That’s the day we get to decide the people and principles that will come to define the senate of the Philippines for the next three years. (Duterte’s been president for almost three years, so y’all know how long a time that is.) What we’ve prepared, to help you cast your vote is a comprehensive, accessible, more-informative-than-any-quiz masterlist on the senate candidates running from this year’s race. We have their stands, their track records, their allegiances, their controversial statements.

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