Spread the love: 8 unlikely people who deserve Valentine’s cards

Spread the love: 8 unlikely people who deserve Valentine’s cards

Go ahead. Show your appreciation.

Art by Ross Du and Mich Cervantes

As much as we like to complain about how Valentine’s Day is a manufactured holiday to sell more cheesy   merchandise, there’s still no denying the kilig that comes with receiving something nice. Whether it’s an ironic Galentine’s Day card from your best friend or a rose from a mall’s V-Day gimmick, there’s no shame in getting giddy. Over the years, we’ve learned to adopt the card culture, minus the superfluous hearts and overused love quotes. It’s now common to see punny sayings typed out or handwritten and superimposed over illustrations of animals, plants, snack food, and pop culture figures (e.g.Tumblr.) Sometimes, we get caught up in our own lives that we tend to miss the little things and the people who make living our lives bearable. Here’s a list of everyday people who deserve to be thanked, along with ready-made cards for when you don’t know what to say to them.

The barista who spells your name  right on your cup.

When your name is as complicated as Saiorse Ronan’s (read as: “Ser-sha”), having a barista take the time out to ask you how it’s spelled is a rarity. Having a barista get the spelling right without even asking is an even rarer occasion deserving of an appropriate card.

The guard who always greets you when you enter the building.

There’s always that one guard who always manages to greet you with a warm smile as you enter a building, no matter how terrible you look. Sometimes, that one greeting is just what you need to get yourself together in the morning after pulling an all-nighter, so showing that you care too is the least you can do. Brighten his/her day with this card!

The Uber driver who has an AUX cord

It’s rare to find any form of public transport that allows you to play your own music, so Uber cars with AUX cords and drivers who are willing to let you plug in your phone is like manna from heaven. Bonus points if he (or she) doesn’t say anything when you start jamming to Formation, complete with Queen Bey’s dance moves.

The girl/guy who holds the elevator door open for you

Some people are plain jerks when it comes to elevator etiquette. So when you come across someone who presses the “open” button for you as you struggle to catch it from the other end of the hall, never let that person go. And since we know that holding on to someone you’ve never met might seem a tad bit awkward in most situations, give said stranger this card instead.

The terror prof/boss who always gives everyone a hard time

Sometimes, it’s the most unlikely people who need love the most. Put all the sermon times aside for now, and as a gesture of kindness (and not as a way of sucking up!), hand the authority figure in your life a card to show that you appreciate him/her.

The friend who always tweets #hugot quotes

If you’re tired of seeing the same friend use everything that happens to her (from getting stuck in traffic, to her late Jollibee delivery) as sources for daily hugot, it might be a sign to start making her feel better. Get started by surprising her with this nifty little card.

The ate/kuya at the photocopy station who gives binder clips for free with your extra-thick readings

What’s better than not having to worry about losing a page (or 50) of you 100-page reading because of a trusty binder clip? Give the card as a thank you to that well-meaning ate/kuya for keeping the reading (and consequently, your life) together!

The janitor who gives you tissue without you having to ask

Close to 80 percent of bathrooms in the greater Metro Manila area totally lack tissue paper. While this figure is entirely made up, the number of bathrooms I’ve been to minus this essential toiletry item makes me think it is solid. The next time your friendly neighborhood janitor comes to the rescue with a fresh pack of tissue without prompting, hand them this card as a sign of thanks.


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