‘Confessions’ was the back-to-basics concert Valentine’s Day called for

Gone acoustic: Musicians Bullet Dumas and Curtismith, among others, share the stage for Confessions.

It’s quite easy to get lost in all the fluff that surrounds the month of love. After all, it does require a lot of creativity and a little too much cheese. (Siomai bouquet, anyone?) The times and the gimmicks may change, but the feeling of love and heartache stays the same. And once in a while, it’s best to remind ourselves of the thing that really matters: connecting to people. Lucky for us, that’s what Stages Sessions’ “Confessions: A Night of Secrets, Stories and Songs” concert was all about.

The guys behind Stages Sessions brought the same intimate experience of their afternoon shows in CBTL Bistro for their Valentine’s special at the Music Museum. Last Feb. 12, some of today’s mainstream and indie artists came together for “Confessions.” The mini concert was centered on the crazy world of millennial love — from falling for someone to experiencing heartbreak; from making up to moving on. Artists like Aicelle Santos, Morisette Amon, Curtismith and Bullet Dumas shared their own stories and sang the songs we all dared to sing at one point in our own relationships. (See: everyone’s Up Dharma Down playlist.)

There were banters, hugots, and a whole lot of feels. There were even a few surprises like when an audience member shared his breakup story and naturally gave in to the urge to bust out Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You. But then again, we’ve all had our break-into-song moments (minus the full band, usually). It was a honest-to-goodness night of remembering our different experiences of love and the crazy things we do because of it, and being assured that we are still normal human beings for doing so.

To learn more about Stages Sessions, visit facebook.com/stagessessions and youtube.com/stagessessions.

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