‘Sesame Street’s 50th anniversary at Universal Studios Singapore is a treat for the kid-at-heart

‘Sesame Street’s 50th anniversary at Universal Studios Singapore is a treat for the kid-at-heart

Because even at any age, how can you resist the Cookie Monster?

Photos courtesy of RESORTS WORLD SENTOSA


Here’s a fun fact: did you know that Big Bird is six years old and is eight feet, two inches tall? Yeah, I’m about as shocked and confused about this factoid as you are. Well, I’m telling you this because it’s Sesame Street’s 50th anniversary. And with any big milestone (I mean, 50 years is quite the feat), a big celebration is in order. We got to go to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) to join in on the fun, and here’s what you should expect if you find yourself in the land of the Merlion sometime within the next few weeks.

The big five-o: Universal Studios Singapore is dressed up in all sorts of Sesame Street decorations all over to celebrate the show’s 50th year.

Take it to the streets

If the regular Sesame Street ride isn’t enough of a reason to visit USS (it’s so cute — words can’t express how much I enjoyed it as a 25-year-old), there are a number of special performances and attractions around the park. The biggest one is a musical number along the junction of the New York and Sci-Fi zones of the parks, aptly called Sesame Street’s Big Birthday Blowout. It’s basically a fully-wholesome number where the Sesame Street gang plan out their birthday, assigning who brings the cake, takes care of the invites — the works. The best part of all this, however — apart from the child-like joy and wonder it will bring to your cold heart, probably — is when Oscar The Grouch comes out holding a sign that says, “50 and still trashy”. I think that’s what they call an all-caps MOOD.

Size matters: Did you know that Big Bird — according to him — is only six years old and is eight feet and two inches tall?
Students of Pathlight School in Singapore, who designed some of the cans for the Oscar The Grouch Trash Can Exhibition.

Around the block (and clock) party

After the big celebration kick-off, there are a bunch of other Sesame attractions to see around the area. There’s Oscar’s Rhythm Trash and Getting To Know Big Bird (where I learned the aforementioned Big Bird factoid I didn’t know I needed in my life) in the New York zone, and Abby’s Magic Garden in the Sting Alley zone, where Abby learns about, well, gardening and the magical four seasons. I suggest you skip this if you’re still the angsty teenager type, but if you’ve got baby siblings or cousins, it’s so much fun. There’s a photo op at the end of each performance, too, so get your cameras ready. Pro-tip: go on an off day so lines aren’t too long.

Another really interesting attraction is the trash cans. Nope, not the regular trash cans, but Oscar’s trash cans, dressed up in designs ranging from precious doodles to full-on art pieces. Various Singaporean and regional personalities were invited to design the cans, including Doug Kramer (yes, the daddy of #TeamKramer) who highlighted the role of Sesame Street in helping kids learning the alphabet, numbers, and good moral values. Some of the trash bins were also designed by students from the Pathlight School, the first autism-focused school in Singapore. What’s more is that when you take a photo of any Oscar The Grouch Trash Can and post it on Instagram and tag it with #SS50xUSS and @RWSentosa, Resorts World Sentosa will donate $5 to the Autism Resource Center (Singapore) and you get the chance to win prizes. Win-win.

Light after dark: One of the attractions of Universal After Hours — apart from the extended hours — is the Hollywood Dreams Light-Up Parade.

A night at the theme park

Here’s another pro-tip: It’s totally fine to spend most of the day with the kids without fearing you’ll lose time to go on the more adventurous rides. Why? Because on Fridays, Saturdays, and select public holidays until Apr. 28, the park will be open until 10 p.m. for Universal After Hours. Which means you can tire out the kids during the day, take a short nap, and go at it all over again after the sun goes down.

Trust me, the roller coasters are a whole ‘notha thing once it gets dark. After dinner, catch the Hollywood Dreams Light-Up Parade at 7:30 p.m., which is basically a neon-lit version of the usual Hollywood Dreams Parade. If you’re not familiar, it’s basically a parade of floats from the park’s different attractions — Hollywood, Far Far Away (from Shrek), The Mummy, Transformers, Jurassic Park, and more. Bring a fast zoom lens if you want to take pics, and make sure your phone’s got some memory for video. Or you know, you could enjoy everything without worrying about social media, just like when we were kids.


Sesame Street’s 50 Years and Counting Celebration and Universal After Hours will run until April 28. For tickets and more information, visit rwsentosa.com and follow @rwsentosa and #SS50xUSS.


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